CHITWAN, Jan 7: A rhino horn was found inside the Chitwan National Park. The horn of an adult rhino was found in Meghauli of the park, according to Chief Protection Office Ananath Baral.

Two bear cubs were rescued after they locked themselves in a van and then honked the horn for help.

Police say a Texas man bashed New York’s Charging Bull statue with a metal object and damaged one of its horns.

The Bad Guy and a Cute Mad Girl

December 16, 2018 12:33 pm

One day suddenly a guy blows his scooter’s horn and the girl passes with her friend...Looking at the person annoyingly but couldn’t see his face...It faded with the blowing air.

POKHARA, July 7: The District Traffic Police Office, Kaski has made public a one month schedule under the 'no horn zone' to be launched in the Lakeside from July 16.

Due to a somewhat busy schedule (and mostly because of my slothful behavior), I rarely get time to squat in front of newspapers and thoroughly go through the news. Thanks to different groups on social media platforms, I can at least get a hint of what’s happening across the globe.

KATHMANDU, April, 18: Traffic police in the valley have penalized 852 chauffeurs after the implementation of ‘No Horn’ from first of Baisakh.

Horn Please

April 7, 2017 10:09 am

The volume on my motorcycle horn has been gradually diminishing for the last couple of weeks and it now sounds like the feeble screeching of a malnourished child. It has the effect of making pedestrians and other motorists give me right of way – probably out of pity. I’ve been thinking of getting it replaced with a slightly louder one but I might be saved the trouble of doing all that because come 2074 BS, we, apparently, won’t be ‘allowed’ to use our horns anymore, if the cops are to be believed.

KATHMANDU, April 3:  With the Nepali New Year 2074 BS, the vehicles plying in the Kathmandu Valley will not be allowed to honk or beep except in an emergency case.

JOHANNESBURG, Oct 4: It was a big, and ultimately doomed, proposal from a small country at a U.N. wildlife conference in South Africa: legalize the international sale of rhino horn because a 1977 ban on its trade has failed to stop the scourge of poaching.