HONG KONG, Dec 28: Hong Kong police have earned a total of HK$135 million (13.3 million pounds) in allowances during the past six months of anti-government protests, government figures show.

HONG KONG, Dec 25:  Hong Kong anti-government protesters marched through Christmas-decorated shopping malls chanting pro-democracy slogans on Wednesday as police fired tear gas to disperse crowds gathering on nearby streets.

LONDON, Nov 18 : China’s ambassador to London on Monday accused the British government of taking sides in the Hong Kong protests by criticising the police and government.

HONG KONG, Nov 9:  Hong Kong protesters are planning a 24th straight weekend of pro-democracy rallies, including inside shopping malls across the Chinese-ruled city on Sunday, some of which have started peacefully in recent weeks and descended into violent chaos.

HONG KONG, Oct 20: Thousands of Hong Kong protesters, many wearing masks in defiance of emergency laws, staged an illegal march through the Kowloon district on Sunday which will test the strength of the pro-democracy campaign after four months of unrest.

HONG KONG, Sept 8: Demonstrators in Hong Kong planned to march to the U.S. Embassy on Sunday to drum up international support for their months-long protest movement, a day after attempts to disrupt transportation to the city’s international airport were thwarted by police.

HONG KONG, Sept 4: Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam is expected to announce later on Wednesday the formal withdrawal of a proposed extradition bill that sparked three months of protests in the Chinese-ruled city, the South China Morning Post reported, citing unnamed sources.

HONG KONG, Sept. 1: Anti-government protesters used burning barricades to block roads near Hong Kong’s airport and damaged a train station Sunday following a night of violent clashes with police.

HONG KONG, Aug 28: Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific Airways warned against what it described as an illegal protest planned outside its facilities on Wednesday and that it had zero tolerance for “violent activities” and any staff who took part.

HONG KONG, Aug 3: Hong Kong police have called on the public to stick to designated routes and times for a spate of protests planned this weekend.

HONG KONG, July 7: Protesters in Hong Kong have chosen a new high-speed railway station that connects the city with mainland China as the destination for their latest march to protect the freedoms of the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. A look at why:

SHANGHAI, July 2: A Chinese state paper on Tuesday called for “zero tolerance” after protestors in Hong Kong stormed and ransacked the city’s legislature following a day of protests against a controversial extradition bill.

HONG KONG, June 12: Latest on the debate around Hong Kong extradition legislation (all times local):

HONG KONG, June 9: Several hundred thousand people jammed Hong Kong’s streets on Sunday in a last bid to thwart a proposed extradition law that would allow suspects to be sent to China to face trial, with police bracing for the biggest march in the city in 15 years.