KATHMANDU, Sept 18: Farmers around Sankhu, Kathmandu, are busy harvesting paddy these days.

Women sun drying the husked rice paddy in Bhelukhel, Bhaktapur on Tuesday.

DAMAK, June 30: As farmers in the district have started using harvesting machine in a bid to modernize paddy farming, their cost of production has increased this season. However, they have been compelled to sell paddy for cheaper rates than in previous years, which is incurring them huge losses.

CHITWAN, Nov 18: Raman Mukhiya of Rautahat landed in Chitwan a month ago. He is going to stay a few more weeks and intends to return only after making ‘good money’. “This time of year is for earning money. I am working hard day and night,” said Mukhiya.

Students learn farming

October 31, 2018 11:57 am

The students of Everest English School in Bhaktapur were enthralled when they got a chance to harvest paddy on Monday. The School selected 18 students from grade four to harvest paddy in a nearby field. They harvested the crop which they had planted. A

BHADRAPUR, Sept 7: Minister of State for Agriculture Sarita Prasain has said that the implementation of programmes under the Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project, Super Zone Implementation Unit, Jhapa would benefit the entire country not being limited to the farmers of a certain territory.

Dadeldhura, Feb 25: Sustained collection of resin from chir pine (pinus roxburghii) trees in Dadeldhura has put pine forests at risk of extinction.