Failing on economy

September 29, 2019 01:05 am

Political economy and interdependence refer to bonding relationships where parties mutually rely on each other, adapting to better management of harmony, togetherness and autonomy. This requires letting go co-dependence, ego and extreme independence. However, socio-cultural environmental norms teach us to be strong, never to be weak or reveal weaknesses to others or depend on others. Growing up in such a socio-cultural setting might keep us disconnected from developments and trends occurring elsewhere.

Activism for a cause

August 3, 2019 00:30 am

Nepal needs its youth working together with other sections of the society as active citizens to volunteer, to create awareness or to advocate as per the need

Worshipping The Sun God

November 14, 2018 13:03 pm

KATHMANDU, Nov 14: Chhath is celebrated all across the country including Kathmandu. The three-day long festival is celebrated by worshipping Sun God and fasting by married women for the familial harmony and prosperity. It began on Monday this year and ends on Wednesday.

Pia: Harmony in diversity

May 17, 2018 09:22 am

Pia is the second company created by Marie Ange Sylvain-Holmgren with the fountainhead brand being Image Ark. Holmgren, born in Haiti and brought up in various parts of the world, belongs to a family of diplomats, which made it possible for her to travel globally through her life. She worked with the UN as a filmmaker and communications person for 30 years and finally settled down in Nepal in 2013. Why Nepal? She developed a strange liking for Nepal during her years in travel where, she claims, “My friends tended to be Nepali!”

“We live in a community. No matter how rich or poor, whatever caste and whichever religion, we must live in harmony and help each other in need,” said Sangita Khadgi, a 33-year-old shopkeeper at Bhotebahal, Kathmandu.

SIRAHA, March 4: Devaki Thakur, 75, of Brahmapur, Siraha, has seen both good and bad experiences of social untouchability.

SIRAHA, March 3: Devaki Thakur, 75, of Brahmapur, Siraha, has seen both good and bad experiences of social untouchability.

Fragments for Cultural harmony

December 24, 2017 08:39 am

The Silence Festival and Carnival of Rock are some platforms where thousands of music lovers gather to enjoy their love for metal music. Moreover, the fandom for metal music has been ever increasing in Nepal. And to support the love, several metal gigs are organized every now and then in Kathmandu. As a result, more than 100 underground metal bands currently exist in country.

KATHMANDU, Dec 6: Buddha Harmony Foundation has conferred the ‘Buddha Harmony Bimala Regmi Social Service Award 2017’ to seven professionals of Nepal on Saturday amid an event held in Kathmandu. The award carries a purse of Rs 10,000 each and a letter of felicitation.

NEPALGUNJ, Sept 24: Every year, Abdul Wahid Mansuri of Nepalgunj celebrates Dashain along with his Hindu friends. His friend Subash Gyawali who belongs to a non-Muslim family invites him to the celebration of the greatest festival of Hindus at his home which is in Belaspur.

A world of harmony

September 1, 2017 07:58 am

Mahangu, Pardeshi and Maiti have been the victims of human wildlife conflict, yet they strongly believe in coexistence with nature. All of them are aware that they have taken up the land where these animals resided once upon a time.

TIKAPUR, August 23: Two years have passed by since the heart-wrenching Tikapur incident in Kailali district, in which eight police personnel and a toddler were brutally lynched. That incident is said to have been triggered by conflict and hatred between Tharus of tarai and Pahadis of hills.

TIKAPUR, June 20: Ujayaram Ghartimagar, 88, is eagerly waiting for June 28 to come so that he could cast vote. He considers it to be a great opportunity for him to be able to elect local representatives after a 20-year haul.

Workshop for harmony

June 9, 2017 07:11 am

KATHMANDU: B K Art Gallery organized an art workshop titled ‘Harmony’ at Mithila Yain Art Gallery, Thamel on Wednesday.

Fifth Harmony is back without Camila

January 15, 2017 21:30 pm

Fifth Harmony is ready to prove they’re better off without Camila Cabello.

KATHMANDU, Dec 20: National Muslim Commission today has urged the government to take action against the culprits involved in the incident occurred on December 12 at Matehiya of Banke district.

KATHMANDU, Nov. 4: The Chhath festival observed as common cultural symbol of the Tarai is being celebrated as per religious tradition and much fanfare starting from today.

NEPALGUNJ, Sept 13: Mustafa Ahasan Kuraisi was beaming with happiness on Tuesday morning.

KATHMANDU, July 28: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and other leaders have urged faith-based organizations to work for promoting harmonious relations among people of various faiths, religions and cultures.

NEPALGUNJ, July 4: The true message of any religion, if its true spirit is followed, could only be humanity and harmony, say the Muslims of Nepalgunj. As the holy month of Ramadan is being observed, members of the Muslim community here are excited in spreading brotherhood.