KATHMANDU, Feb 23: Police have arrested a person on the charge of character assassination of a woman through social media.

MORANG, March 22: The curfew imposed in various areas of Letang Municipality is to continue on Tuesday. The District Administration Office, Morang, issued a curfew order in some places of Letang Municipality Monday morning after the situation became tense.

KATHMANDU, Feb 15: The glow and the bright smile on her face have begun to fade. Fear and nervousness have taken over. Digital violence against her has shattered her confidence. Sapana Rokka Magar, who was recognized as one of the 100 most influential women of 2020 by the BBC for her brave act of cremating unclaimed bodies, is facing troubles.

KASKI, Dec 22: The incidents of sexual assault and harassment against girls have increased in Kaski district, according to data published by the Informal Sector Services Centre (INSEC), a human rights organization.

BHAKTAPUR, Nov 20: Police on Thursday arrested three people on the charge of harassing transgender Nikisha Shrestha.

This incident traumatized her, and affected EVERY part of her life. She started showing signs of clinical depression. It did not help when her best friend judged her for playing the victim. That was the last straw for her. She decided that no one could be trusted and she needed to keep shut.

The ousted Grammys CEO fired back at the Recording Academy on Tuesday, alleging that she was removed after complaining about sexual harassment and pay disparities and for calling out conflicts of interest in the nomination process for music’s most prestigious awards.

The former chief makeup artist at Charlie Rose’s interview show is suing him, saying the disgraced television journalist ran a “toxic work environment” for women.

KATHMANDU, Sept 12: Acid attack survivor Muskan Khatun had endured months of harassment from her perpetrators before she was attacked with acid last Friday, family members said. Khatun was on her way to her school when three local youths splashed acid on her at Ganeshman Chowk in Birgunj. Police said Khatun had rejected ‘love proposal’ from of one of the attackers before she became their target.

Placido Domingo returns to the stage at the Salzburg Festival this weekend to perform for the first time since multiple women accused the opera legend of sexual harassment in allegations brought to light by The Associated Press.

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Kathmandu, March 9: In the four months of the current fiscal year, a total of 98 incidents of sexual harassment to children have been recorded in the country.

Do not tolerate violence against women

January 25, 2019 18:53 pm

In past few years sexual women-harassment in public transportation has increased drastically. Though concerned authorities are working to address the issue, harassment cases are not decreasing and still females reluctant on reporting such activities.

Chepang girls physically assaulted

January 21, 2019 14:19 pm

CHITWAN, Jan 21: A teenager from Chepang community was thrashed and attempted rape by two unidentified youths while another minor was harshly beaten at Kanda of Rapti Municipality-13 in Chitwan district on Sunday noon.

NEW DELHI, Oct 9: India's #MeToo movement arrived in a cascade of allegations as women took to Twitter to call out comedians, journalists, authors, actors and filmmakers - in the process, they have sparked a debate about consent and complicity.

HARTFORD, Sept 4: A wave of sexual harassment complaints that accompanied the #MeToo movement is straining many of the state and local offices tasked with policing workplace discrimination of all kinds.

Morgan Freeman tonight apologised after he was accused of sexual harassment by eight women who say he tried to grope them and leered at them on set.

CANBERRA, Feb. 23: Australia's deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce resigned on Friday just hours after accusations of sexual harassment against him were made public.

Dealing with sexual harassment

January 19, 2018 09:34 am

34-year-old Sabrina Pradhan was running late for a meeting and had no other option but to squeeze herself into the last available space in a tempo when the man on the seat next to hers pinched her bottom.

WASHINGTON, Nov 19: “You can do anything,” Donald Trump once boasted, speaking of groping and kissing unsuspecting women.

LOS ANGELES, Oct 19: Amazon Studios chief Roy Price has resigned, a company spokeswoman said on Tuesday, following allegations that he harassed a producer and took no action when an actress told him she was sexually assaulted by producer Harvey Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein, an American film producer, was recently fired from his own production company -- The Weinstein Company and the Motion Picture Academy after being mired in controversy following allegations of sexual abuse.

LOS ANGELES,Oct 7: Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein issued an apology Thursday and announced he was taking leave after the New York Times published a bombshell report accusing him of sexual harassment over several decades.

Not everyone gets to have a picture-perfect high school experience. Few among us suffer at the hands of bullies, which affects us on an emotional and psychological level. While suggestions like “man up” and “let it go” are easy to give, the bitter recollection of being harassed at school is not something children can easily forget. Memories of being harassed by classmates and teachers persist and tend to impact our adult lives.

NEW YORK, July 1: A doctor forced from a New York hospital because of sexual harassment accusations returned Friday with an assault rifle hidden under a lab coat and shot seven people, killing one woman and leaving several doctors fighting for their lives, authorities said.

Ileana D’Cruz admits of being eve-teased and harassed, and described the experience as “traumatic”.

What can we do to stop sexual harassment?

December 27, 2016 23:00 pm

It was a usual bus ride from my college to home. I was struggling to make some space in the overcrowded bus. It was hot and suffocating and the unbalanced speed of the bus was making me swing back and forth, my concentration drifted towards a tall man with gentle attire, constantly staring at me. He was trying to touch me with an excuse of unbalanced bus speed. I did not want to create a scene, so I kept quiet and ignored him.

Steps to address street harassment

December 16, 2016 23:30 pm

Many people think that all you can do to address street harassment is to cope, walk fast, avoid eye contact, pretend to be on the phone, and think that it isn’t being said to you.

WASHINGTON, Nov 15: Saddened by the reports of harassment of Muslims, African-Americans and Latinos following his victory in the election, President-elect Donald Trump has for the first time publicly asked people to “Stop it”.

KATHMANDU, Nov 5: Cases of sexual harassment at workplaces are generally not registered despite the country having legal provisions to discourage harassment in public and private offices.

LOS ANGELES, Nov 1: Actress Tippi Hedren graphically chronicles in a new memoir incidents in which she says she was sexually assaulted and harassed by famed British director Alfred Hitchcock during her star turns in "The Birds" and "Marnie."

DHARAN, Sept 17: Cine artist Santosh Panta has escaped a big trouble. A sexual harassment case filed against him has been settled after mutual understanding between the accused Panta and the complainant.

DHARAN, Sept 17: A senior Nepali actor Santosh Panta along with the chief of KTM Security Service Pvt. Ltd, Rameshwor Shah has been arrested on the alleged charge of sexually harassing a female security guard on Saturday.

TOKYO , Sept 14: Got stinky colleagues? Japan has a seminar for that.

Infographics: Sexual harassment

August 27, 2016 00:05 am

How common is sexual harassment overall?