GORKHA, April 23: Haphazard excavation of resources on the banks of the Trishuli, Budi Gandaki, and Daraudi rivers is highly prevalent despite instructions from the local governments of Gorkha to bring such activities to a halt.

DHANGADI, Jan 30: Amid the lack of monitoring by the authorities concerned, rivers in Kailali are being exploited by the stone crusher and sand-mining industries.

SIRAHA, Sept 19: Some years back, Shuka Bahadur Khulal Magar's home was so far from the Khurma River that his family had literally no fear of floods.

KATHMANDU, July 29: Public entities have been barred to purchase furniture, computers, laptops, printers, and vehicles this year except for setting up new offices or when they could prove absolute necessity to replace the old ones, according to a recent directive issued by the Ministry of Finance regarding budget implementation.

KATHMANDU, July 20:The government treasury is now empty following irrational budget distribution at the end of the fiscal year that ended Monday. Not a single penny has been left from the previous fiscal year , according to officials of the Ministry of Finance (MoF). This fiscal indiscipline on the part of the current government is sure to have serious consequences as it may trigger internal borrowing right from the first month, just as the previous government had done this time last year.

KATHMANDU, April 27: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has taken action against 91 individuals for haphazardly disposing their waste products.

NEPALGUNJ, Feb 18: Dividers are placed on roads to regulate traffic movement. In Nepalgunj, however, it does not seem so. Except for a few places, newly added dividers on the city's main four-lane road are placed so haphazardly that they now pose threat to road safety.

PANCHTHAR, Oct 13: Two months ago landslides wreaked havoc in Falelung Rural Municipality. Four people were swept away by the landslides, of which bodies of two are still missing. Over 100 families were reported to have become homeless. People lost their cattle and crops to the disaster. Locals state that they have never suffered such a disaster.

KATHMANDU, August 29: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has provided 50 sets of wheel lock to the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) in a bid to support traffic police to put an end to haphazard parking of vehicles in the Kathmandu Valley.

NEPALGUNJ, June 27: Nepalgunj is now a far bigger city than it was when Dal Bahadur Singh first migrated here from Surkhet a few decades ago. And the city is expanding rapidly. But Singh is not happy with the activities that are happening in the city in the name of development.

KOHALPUR, June 10: Government officials and concerned authorities of Jay Durga Community Forest Users Group (CFUG), Kanchanpur and national forest area of Shamshergunj have been found involved in haphazardly chopping trees against the existing laws.

KATHMANDU, March 10: Lawmakers have flayed the haphazard transfers of budget from various projects to different election constituencies with political motive.

NAWALPARASI, Oct 4: The people residing in areas near the Gangapur-based Indira Sugar Mill and Agro Industries, Nawalparasi have come onto the street against the Industry, accusing it of prompting the environment pollution.

KATHMANDU, July 16: The government has spent Rs 34.46 billion in capital expenditure in the past eight days which is around 50 percent of the development budget spent in the rest of the fiscal year.

POKHARA, June 28: Asar 15 that falls on 29 June this year is celebrated as ‘paddy day’ every year. For an agricultural country like ours, it sounds like a matter of high significance.