The gateway to better roads

July 27, 2018 11:00 am

Finding solutions outside formal planning process for economic and ecological prosperity has become a trend in both developed and developing nations. Many countries now believe that economic growth can complement environment conservation. Important policies have been formed and implemented targeting solid waste management system in most nations. However, according to Bimal Bastola, co-founder of Green Road Management Company, this level of consciousness seems to be lacking among our policy makers. Very few policies are made in Nepal keeping in mind its impact on the environment.

KATHMANDU, April 30: A gathering of 23 countries from across the globe has agreed to promote Lumbini as the birthplace of Lord Buddha and a foundation of Buddhism and world peace as envisioned in their previous declaration issued in 2016.

KATHMANDU, April 23: Biratnagar Customs Office became the largest export gateway of the country in the first eight months of FY 2017/18, a recent trade data published by the Department of Customs shows.

KATHMANDU, Jan 5: Nepal Rastra Bank is preparing to introduce a national payment gateway in a bid to conduct a regular monitoring of the digital payment system.