Debt trap has been a topic of concern in Nepal, as a significant portion (approximately one tenth) of the total revenue needs to be allocated annually for paying the interest and principal to the foreign lenders.

Debunking the nonsense on MCC

January 7, 2020 08:45 am

Having served on the Board of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in Nepal as a civil society representative in its formative days, the author of this piece had an opportunity to look at the Project in greater detail much before it came into wider public discourse. For the last couple of months or so, it’s been nerve-wracking to hear all kind of nonsense being blurted out about MCC by media-hungry individuals who seem neither to have any knowledge of the world of development-aid nor appreciation of the modus operandi of the global geo-political ambitions.

Samantha Custer is the Director of Policy Analysis at Washington DC based research institute AidData, which produces analysis of development investments and results and experiences of decision-makers in low- and middle-income countries regarding the impact of external money. During her recent visit to Nepal, she shared her insights on foreign aid, aid effectiveness and changing patterns of foreign assistance with Republica’s Mahabir Paudyal and Kosh Raj Koirala.

When generosity kills

September 10, 2019 01:30 am

Nepal’s young democracy requires Nepalis to demand more from themselves and their government instead of falling victim to the allure of progress that foreign aid promises

PALM BEACH, March 31: Taking drastic action over illegal immigration, President Donald Trump moved Saturday to cut direct aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, whose citizens are fleeing north and overwhelming U.S. resources at the southern border.

Aiding socialist movement

February 12, 2019 03:26 am

Foreign aid is helping to accelerate Nepal’s transition to a socialist State. By working largely through government systems, foreign aid has magnified the dependency on the State, stunted the maturity of civilian non-State institutions and nullified change agents.

Aid is failing Nepal

December 4, 2018 01:30 am

The delivery mechanisms for development aid are financing the monopoly of the state and crowding out change agents

KATHMANDU, Nov 13: Finance Minister Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwada Minister has stressed that foreign aid resources must complement, rather than crowd out, domestic resources mobilization.

ISLAMABAD, Sept 21: With only nine months left in closing of the project, Pakistan has not yet taken a final decision on the cancellation of a $400 million loan, which the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has extended for installation of smart electricity meters, due to divergent views of the concerned ministries.