KATHMANDU, July 4: A Nepali working for an Indian in Jammu has allegedly been coerced into having his penis cut off in a bid to change his gender, according to police.

KATHMANDU, July 19: Even after the government airlifted Dr Govinda KC by force from Jumla Thursday, the 20th day of his fast-unto-death, he has continued the fast at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) here.

KHOTANG, July 2: Shanta Bhujel, a quake victim of Lichkiramche, Khotehang Rural Municipality-9, constructed a house by seeking a loan of Rs 700,000. But it became a real trouble for her after the engineers from the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) asked her to build another house, arguing that her newly-built house was not as per the standards set by the government.

KATHMANDU, May 24: The Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday issued a stay order against the compulsory admission of public office holders' children in community schools.

JHAPA, April 29: More than 4,550 households in Mechinagar Municipality-1, 2 and 3 in Jhapa district are forced to drink contaminated river water for lack of clean drinking water supply.

MUGU,April 22:  The authorities seems to be silent despite of the construction of maternity hospital that has become lame  due to lack of maternal and child health workers  at the health posts of Karmarong rural municipality of Mugu.

JAJARKOT, April 17: Mukti Basnet Oil Suppliers of Jajarkot has not been able to operate petrol refilling pump in the district despite receiving license from Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) 16 months ago.

BAJURA, April 6: Kirtichaur Secondary School based in Manakot of Gaumul Rural Municipality-5 in Bajura has presently 250 girl students. But those who have already entered monthly cycle miss schools at least five days in a month.

UDAYAPUR, Feb 17: It might be hard for some to believe that the life of a 54-year-old man of Udayapur has been confined to a shed since more than 40 years. Tarka Bahadur Khatri, a mentally challenged person of Katari Municipality -1, Kalikhola has been living a miserable life since years. He can neither speak nor hear.  Despite living in the same village, not many people are aware about his existence.

Forced formula

November 30, 2017 02:00 am

RJPN election manifesto

Toddler forced in prison with his mother

November 28, 2017 05:00 am

JAJARKOT, Nov 28: A one-year-old toddler in Jarajkot is forced to stay inside prison with his mother since the past 16 days.

JUMLA, September 3: Nar Bahadur Gharti, who was traveling from Nepalgunj on a motorcycle, returned without reaching his destination in Jumla district. He could not move ahead towards his destination due to the massive dry landslide in Dahikhola area of the Karnali Highway's Kalikot section.

KOHALPUR, August 27: Recent floods inundated many parts of the tarai region and left many people utterly helpless. Among them, one of the worst affected communities is the squatters.

GORKHA, JULY 8: Though more than two years have shot by since the devastating earthquake of April 2015, locals living in high-risk zones are yet to be relocated. As of now, not a single household living in the high-risk zones has been relocated to safer settlements.

ILAM, June 22: CPN-UML parliamentary party leader Subas Chandra Nembang has said that the UML was removed from the government because other parties could not stand its good performance in power.

RAMPUR (PALPA), May 9: The locals in eastern Palpa are forced to scour for drinking water, the basic essential need for staying alive.

BAJHANG, March 23: Most rivers in Bajhang are not very clean because locals throw dead cattle into them, wash clothes and above all defecate on their banks. Despite knowing how much the water is impure the same locals are forced to drink water from these rivers as other water sources are drying up fast.

BHIMDATTANAGAR, March 22: The locals of a remote village here have been forced to pay for crossing a bridge over a local river.

KATHMANDU, March 9: A newly married woman here was forced out of her home on the charge of practising witchcraft.

PALPA, Feb 16: Villagers of Balepandhera, Bahundanda and Kamitole of Rampur municipality-10 have begun migrating due to severe crisis of drinking water.

KATHMANDU, Feb 14: The International Labor Organization (ILO) has launched a project 'From Protocol to Practice: A Bridge to global action on Forced Labor (The Bridge Project)', aiming to combat slavery and forced labor systems in Nepal.

Hundreds of thousands of people were forced to follow US President Donald Trump on Twitter after a technical glitch, prompting the social networking site to apologise to users.

Hundreds of thousands of people were forced to follow US President Donald Trump on Twitter after a technical glitch, prompting the social networking site to apologise to users.

KATHMANDU, Jan 7: The government's decision to move the National Archives away from the premises of Singh Durbar has raised  serious concern over the fate of 50,000 historical documents that have been preserved there since 1967.

SOLUKHUMBU, Dec 19: The cost of a kilo of iodized salt at Rs 180 is a compulsion for the locals of the remote Forche village at Khumjung – 9 in Solukhumbu.

JAJARKOT, Dec 7: The locals of Paramulsam and Mulsam villages located at the border with Jumla are forced to walk for four grueling hours just to recharge their mobile phones.

ITAHARI, Oct 17: Landslides triggered by incessant rainfalls have made travelling highly unsafe in Barahakshetra of Sunsari, one of the four most sacred places for the Hindus.

DOLAKHA, Sept 30: Many patients who had reached Charikot, the district headquarters of Dolakha, for treatment were deprived of treatment as the Charikot Hospital remained closed due to 'hooliganism by locals' over the death of a baby during treatment. Even emergency services were halted on Thursday.

Mountain Air chopper makes forced landing

September 25, 2016 13:03 pm

KATHMANDU, SEPT 25: A Mountain Air chopper heading towards Kathmandu from Lukla was compelled to make a forced landing due to a technical problem.

MUGU, Sept 22: Despite having health posts in the villages, locals of Mugu district are forced seek help from shamans to cure diseases.

BAJHANG, Sept 6: Lal Bahadur Aagri of Rilu village has been forced to pay a fine of Rs 2,000 and 1 anna gold (around half gram) for entering a temple 'despite being a Dalit'.

DOLPA, Aug 14: Over 300 households at different three wards of Tripurakot VDC of the district were compelled to live under the darkness after a dam of the Chhalang Mini Hydro Project of the VDC was swept away by the flood causing disruption in power supply Friday night.

Victims forced to live in the open

July 30, 2016 02:10 am

BANKE, July 30: Sitapati Tharu gazes at her house, or what is left of it, from a distance several times a day. Her house lies almost entirely submerged under the floodwaters from the Rapti River.

GORKHA, July 21: It has already been three days since Suk Bahadur Ghale, an earthquake victim from Barpak-3 in Gorkha district, has been staying in a guest house at the district headquarters with hopes of receiving the first installment of grant from the government.

LONDON, April 25: A US mother-of-two, who was forced to dump 14.8 litres of breast milk at security at London’s Heathrow Airport, has spoken about her humiliation and the “incredibly unfair” security rules.