The essentials of foot care

May 3, 2019 09:10 am

Summer is here and with it it’s time to pull out your sundresses and bright t-shirts. And what better way to welcome summer than sandals and open toe shoes. But chances are that the colder months did no favor to our feet.

FourHappyFeet: Journey of lovebirds

March 5, 2019 15:45 pm

Chris McCandless aka Alexandar Supertramp from the movie ‘Into the Wild’, quoted money as an illusion and said that one can go anywhere and do anything. Sangam Bhandari and Shikha Neupane based in London are the living evidence of this fact.

Fighting feet blisters

July 20, 2018 08:06 am

Blisters are very common among people who walk or run around a lot. You can also get blisters on your feet if you just take another route to work rather than your regular route or try out a new pair of shoes.

KATHMANDU, Mar 7: The government has not yet fixed the minimum support price for sugarcane although the crushing season is nearing conclusion.

KATHMANDU, Jan 30: Electricity tariff in Nepal is one of the highest in South Asia. Experts say unregulated power purchase agreements signed with hydropower developers by Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is one of the reasons that has made electricity expensive in Nepal.

Dreams on their feet

October 13, 2017 11:13 am

All five of the dancers have their own dreams and aspirations. While some want to build a strong foundation of ballet dance in Nepal others want to go abroad to pursue their passion further. But their will to do something different, their optimism about the future, and their love for dancing are what binds them together despite their differences.

A Michigan Center 19-year-old, who was previously in the Guinness Book of World Records for world’s tallest teenager, has finally found an affordable pair of shoes that fit his size-28 feet.

TUCSON, Ariz.,  Jan 11: Authorities have rescued an Honduran immigrant who fell about 400 feet down a steep cliff in southern Arizona.

Captain Lama crash-landed the aircraft in Karnali River from where both of them came out safe cheating a possible death.