Nepal Police in federalism

April 19, 2020 15:03 pm

Governments the world over are struggling to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, most using stringent measures such as the enforcement of lockdowns and shelter-in-place as their first resort. As such, maintaining public safety, enforcing lockdowns, and assisting health providers during such crises is a responsibility almost automatically and immediately shouldered by law enforcement agencies. It is therefore pertinent to soberly consider government policy towards the preparation of such agencies to respond effectively, which implies establishment and strengthening of appropriate legal/regulatory frameworks, strategic leadership capacity, and intergovernmental coordination ahead of crises.

Actress Huma Qureshi says she often feels the need to have some guidance from an elder person to cut through the nepotism which runs in Bollywood. The actress thinks to say that there is no favoritism in Bollywood would be a lie, but adds that people from within the industry are very hardworking.