The winter session of the federal parliament was an utter failure. Not a single Bill was passed in the four long months of the session which had begun on January 9. This is an extremely disappointing outcome.

Falling behind in SEE

June 30, 2019 11:56 am

Nepal’s public schools have rarely become the story of success in Nepal’s broader education paradigm.

KATHMANDU, Feb 17: Rastriya Janamorcha Nepal chairman and former DPM Chitra Bahadur KC, has said that the incumbent government failed to forward the developmental agendas concretely.

India-trained dentists also highest among failures

July 8: Heart failure patients who suffer from depression and anxiety are at greater risk of progressive heart disease and other adverse outcomes, according to a new study published in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry. In addition, healthy individuals with depression are more likely to develop heart failure.

CHITWAN, May 14: Chairman of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal Upandra Yadav has said that failure to provide security to the guest called by the government is an insult to the nation.

SURKHET, May 14: It has become very much unlikely for Karnali Province to successfully implement the budget for the current fiscal year 2017/18. The provincial government has yet to form divisions for the implementation of the budget with the FY about to end. The budget, which was approved by the federal parliament on April 28, was released to the provincial government on May 6.

KATHMANDU, April 24: The Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting of the Nepali Congress, which is underway sice the last few days,  dwelled on reasons behind the party's defeat in the recent federal, provincial and local elections on Monday.

KATHMANDU, April 10: The Nepali Congress (NC) has taken strong exception to the white paper unveiled by Finance Minister Yuba Raj Khatiwada, arguing that the document offers an incomplete and distorted picture of the country's economic situation.

KATHMANDU, March 27: Nepali Congress (NC) Central Working Committee (CWC) member Dr Shekhar Koirala has said that the party’s failure to call India’s unofficial blockade against Nepal a blockade was one of the main reasons behind its poor performance in the parliamentary and provincial assembly polls.

Patients who were treated for breast cancer or lymphoma are more than three times at risk of developing congestive heart failure, compared with patients who did not have cancer, finds a study.

KATHMANDU, Feb 3: Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh has said that the NC has had a weak performance as the party failed to function as per the party statute.

PALM SPRINGS, Dec 18: Keely Smith, a pop and jazz singer known for her solo recordings of jazz standards as well as her musical partnership with Louis Prima, has died of apparent heart failure in Palm Springs. She was 89.

The life of Soichiro Honda is often quoted as an inspiring story of a man who overcame unbelievable obstacles and went on to achieve great success.

Many would-be entrepreneurs let their fear of failure stop them from starting a business. Maybe it’s because of all the statistics we’ve heard (you know, the ones that tell us that 90 percent of all new businesses fail within three years, or something along those lines).

KATHMANDU, August 30: South Asian states can only address the tens of thousands of cases of enforced disappearances by recognizing enforced disappearance as a serious crime in domestic law, said the ICJ .

KATHMANDU, August 24: The Federation of Contractor's Association of Nepal (FCAN) has claimed that the contractor is not responsible for the damage in Jabdighat Bridge over Babai River in Bardiya.

KATHMANDU, July 29: Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh has said the party was restricted to the second position in the local-level elections as it failed to function as per the party statute and effectively as well.

KHOTANG, July 29: Lawmakers, representatives of political parties and locals of Khotang have widely criticized the district administration and police for their failure to nab the perpetrators involved in the murder of three women even after months.

KATHMANDU, July 5: The government's treasury surplus has hit Rs 221 billion mainly due to its failure to spend.

Success has ruined more people than failure, believes actress Sonakshi Sinha, who said she neither shouts from the rooftop when her films do well, nor does she sit in the dark and cry over her movie debacles.

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Republicans' failure to repeal Barack Obama's health care law deals a serious blow to another big part of President Donald Trump's agenda: tax reform.

WASHINGTON, March 25: President Donald Trump suffered a stunning political setback on Friday in a Congress controlled by his own party when Republican leaders pulled legislation to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system, a major 2016 election campaign promise of the president and his allies.

Failure cannot stop you

February 21, 2017 23:10 pm

Success can mean different things to different people. For some, it could be becoming the wealthiest person among the people around, while for some it can simply mean being happy.

KATHMANDU, Jan 30: Top officials at the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) have said that the NRA's failure to hold trainings for masons and produce new masons while at the same time carrying out surveys for identifying the earthquake victims has led to a serious shortage of masons in the 14 worst quake-affected districts, further delaying the overall task of reconstruction.

PALPA, Jan 26: Manisha Thapa of Bharrabsthan in the district has been admitted to a local health facility after she was allegedly tortured by her school teacher. She is a sixth grader at Bhairab Janata Secondary School in the locality.

What do the Madheshi parties make of the Supreme Court verdict on constitution amendment? Do they in fact even support the amendment bill tabled by the ruling coalition? Biswas Baral and Mahabir Paudyal talked to Sarbendranath Sukla, General Secretary of Tarai Madhesh Democratic Party, a key constituent of Madheshi Morcha.

System failure

December 26, 2016 00:35 am

There should be a minimum of 2.3 health workers for every 1,000 people, according to the World Health Organization. Nepal has just 0.67 health workers per 1,000 people.

Agriculture policy a failure: MP Kafle

November 29, 2016 11:00 am

JUMLA, Nov 29: Member of Parliament (MP), Dilli Prasad Kafle, has blamed foreign support as the reason for the failure of Nepal's agriculture policy.

NEW DELHI, Nov 16: India's foreign minister said on Wednesday she was in hospital being treated for kidney failure and undergoing tests for a possible transplant, an announcement that raises questions over how long she can stay in the job.

MUMBAI, Nov 3: Actress Alia Bhatt, who is gearing up for the release of her upcoming slice-of-life film “Dear Zindagi”, says failure is something which keeps her going.

RUPENDEHI, Oct 23: CPN-UML Vice Chairman Bamdev Gautam today said efforts were afoot to make the constitution failure.

Kathmandu, Sept 18: People dwelling in the capital city planning to go home for Dashain festival this year have been worried as ticket bookings are yet to open even, with just three weeks left for the festival to begin.

System failure

September 17, 2016 00:15 am

We built a system to get away from paperwork but it created dependency of another kind

KATHMANDU, Aug 13: President of Rastriya Prajatantra Party Pashupati Shumsher JB Rana has said that the unification with RPP Nepal could not take place for failure to agree on the balance of power.

KATHMANDU, July 26: Uncertainty looms over the timing of the next School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination as the government has failed to appoint the chairperson at the National Examination Board (NEB), which will oversee the SLC exam from now onward.

Govt to probe Sikta canal failure

July 6, 2016 19:00 pm

KATHMANDU, July 6: The Ministry of Irrigation has a formed a committee to probe defects in the main canal of Sikta Irrigation Project.

KATHMANDU, July 6: The health condition of Nepali Congress (NC) General Secretary, Dr. Shashank Koirala is still in critical condition, according to the doctors attending to the leader.