WASHINGTON, Jan 9: When some Democrats were pushing for President Donald Trump’s impeachment in early 2019, it took around five months for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to back the idea.

LONDON, Jan 3: India on Friday became the fourth country to approve a coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca, authorising the vaccine’s rollout in coming weeks in the country with the second highest number of infections.

WASHINGTON, Nov 4: There’s a fair chance Americans won’t know the winner of Tuesday’s presidential election while it’s still Tuesday — or maybe even Wednesday.

LONDON, Oct 23: President Donald Trump has claimed without evidence that unprecendented numbers of mail-in ballots will lead to widespread fraud by Democrats in the Nov. 3 presidential election. The president has also repeatedly refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if the vote counts indicate he has lost to Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

KABUL, Sept 12: Talks seeking to end 19 years of war in Afghanistan started this weekend, with an opening ceremony on Saturday. Negotiators representing the Kabul government and Taliban insurgents are scheduled to sit face to face in the Qatari capital of Doha from Sunday.

NEW YORK, June 17:  Americans have started returning to more normal lifestyles with the end of coronavirus lockdowns. But what activities are safe?

MUMBAI, Dec 23:  Thousands of Indians have been protesting against a new citizenship law as well as possible plans for a National Register of Citizens (NRC), alleging the measures are an attack on a secular constitution and against minority Muslims.

SEOUL, Nov 22 : The animosity between Japan and South Korea is entwined with the history of Japan’s 1910-45 occupation of the Korean peninsula, the mobilisation of forced labour at companies, of women in wartime brothels, and a row over the ownership of islets in the sea between the two nations.