KATHMANDU, June 5: While Finance Minister Barsha Man Pun has been reiterating that he has not made much changes in the tax rates in the budget for FY 2024/25, stakeholders have slammed the government for imposing unfair taxes on a number of items through the budget.

DOHA, Nov 18: Soccer fans attending World Cup matches in Qatar will fork out nearly 40% more for match tickets compared to those who watched the 2018 edition in Russia, with tickets for the final costing an eye-watering 684 pounds ($812) on average, a study shows.

KATHMANDU, Jan 18: The price of asparagus has hit Rs 5,000 per kg due to a surge in cases of the coronavirus in the winter season.

KATHMANDU, Aug 6: The price of gold continues setting a new record in the domestic market.

KATHMANDU, Oct 25:  Gold price has started to rise after a stable price of Rs 60,000 tola (11.333 gram) for over a week during the Dashain festival.

Petrol is the most expensive here

DUBAI, March 19: The world’s most expensive burger has been sold for $10,000 at an auction in Dubai.

KATHMANDU, Dec 21: Once you board the newly operated Orange Bus in Kathmandu Ring Road as a passenger, the lady conductor hands you a ticket after you pay the fare which is not more than 25 rupees to the maximum. This ticket in your hand means you have an insurance cover of 50 thousand rupees, in case of any accident while you are on this bus.

HAVANA , Nov 16:  Juan Luis Rosello sat for three hours on the Malecon as the wind blew in from the Florida Straits, pushing the waves hard against the seawall of Havana's coastal boulevard.

MANCHESTER, England, Aug 9: Manchester City has signed England center back John Stones for a reported 50 million pounds ($65 million) in the Premier League club's latest expensive attempt to improve the team's defense.