KATHMANDU, Aug 7: At least seven people have died of dengue among 7,733 infected people in Nepal, according to the Department of Health Services (DoHS).

Dengue is down but not out, warn doctors

November 30, 2022 10:00 am

KATHMANDU, Nov 29: With the onset of the winter season, the risk of the dengue infection in the Kathmandu Valley has decreased significantly. The drop in the temperature means that the mosquitoes that spread dengue cannot survive and thus pose less risk to human health.

KATHMANDU, Sept 24: Experts have pointed out that the dengue infection that started last June has not come under control yet even after the mid-week of September and that the risk of infection will last for another one and a half month.

BUTWAL, Sept 22: As the cases of dengue infection have seen a sharp rise, local hospitals in Butwal are flooded with a large number of patients of this viral disease. At least three people have lost their lives in Lumbini province as  a result of dengue infection so far.

COVID-19 and New World Order

March 30, 2020 09:28 am

My maternal grandfather who is 96 never misses to talk about the Second World War whenever I go and visit him. Elaborated anecdotes of the brave Gorkha soldiers fighting in the Burmese front under the Allied Command quickly change to more subdued references to the genocide, massacres, mass bombings and starvation. World War I had seen 40 million military and civilian casualties while the Second World War saw this increase to 75 million deaths. Thirty thousand Gorkha soldiers died in the World War II alone. Disease outbreak was a depressing corollary of all these wars and conflicts.

Silent hero of coronavirus crisis

March 19, 2020 09:24 am

NEW HAVEN – Not to diminish the superhuman efforts of nurses, doctors, and health-care workers worldwide, but sometimes, no matter how hard one tries, and no matter how selflessly one sacrifices, one stands no chance against a more powerful enemy. The new coronavirus, COVID-19, has proved to be such a foe. Were it not for technology, the battle against it would have been lost by now.

Shock of the epidemic is temporary

February 15, 2020 11:27 am

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, acting with a high sense of responsibility to the health of the Chinese people and the people around the world, the Chinese government has taken the most comprehensive and rigorous control measures, including extending the Spring Festival holidays, postponing the re-opening time of companies, cancelling the international group tours, implementing traffic control, encouraging people to refrain from going out and gathering together.

SHANGHAI/BEIJING, Feb 10: China raised the death toll from its coronavirus outbreak to 811 on Sunday, passing the number killed globally by the SARS epidemic, as authorities made plans for millions of people returning to work after an extended Lunar New Year break.

Solidarity with China

February 6, 2020 11:40 am

China is battling with the worst epidemic since 2002 SARS.  Since the coronavirus outbreak in early January this year, the country has suffered huge human and economic losses. According to the recent data, more than 400 people have lost their lives and over 20,000 people have been infected across the country. This has sent the whole of the country and the world in a panic mood.

KATHMANDU, Jan 29: Nepal will have to withstand adverse impacts in number of its macroeconomic areas with an increasing threat of coronavirus which has claimed over 100 human lives and infected more than 4,500 people in China alone.

BEIJING, Jan 29: The death toll from a new coronavirus in China rose sharply to 132 on Wednesday with nearly 1,500 new cases, heaping pressure on Beijing to control the disease as U.S. officials said the White House was weighing whether to suspend all flights to the country.

SHANGHAI, Jan 28: The United States warned against travel to China on Monday and Canada issued a more narrow travel warning as the death toll from the spreading coronavirus passed 100, with tens of millions stranded during the biggest holiday of the year and global markets rattled.

KATHMANDU, Jan 28: Nepali students in Wuhan —the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic in China— say they are very concerned about getting infected even as the entire city is in lockdown and mobility of people is heavily restricted.

Loneliness has become an epidemic in the modern world with more than 40 percent of the population in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom admitting to feeling lonely, a figure which would suggest that the rate of loneliness has doubled in the past 40 years.

Dengue 'out of control' in Pokhara

September 1, 2019 05:30 am

POKHARA, Sep1: As many as 439 people have been affected by Dengue in Pokhara and more are in the counting, according to the public health office of Kaski.

HETAUDA, Aug 14: With the dengue outbreak turning to an epidemic in Hetauda, the capital city of State-3, a 'search and destroy' campaign has been scaled up to check the life-threatening viral.

DHARAN, August 7: Government's attention has been drawn towards an epidemic of dengue in Dharan of Sunsari. Speaking in a zero hour of the House of Representatives today, lawmaker Meena Subba apprised the session that each house in the town had dengue patients and two women had so far succumbed to a dengue fever which is caused a virus that spreads through mosquito bites.

LAHAN, June 29: Siraha and Saptari, regarded as the mango capital of the country, saw a decline in the production of the fruit this year. The epidemic of insect and pests led to the decline this year, which was also a year of low mango production, according to the Agriculture Knowledge Centre, Rajbiraj.

Alarm as dengue spreads to Itahari

June 15, 2019 04:30 am

ITAHARI, June 15: After Dharan, dengue has spread to Itahari. A week ago, one person was found infected with dengue in Itahari, but now the number has reached six, with two more cases detected on Friday.

DHARAN, June 10: After failing to bring the dengue epidemic under control, Dharan-8 based Purwanchal Campus, a constituient engineering campus of the Institute of Engineering, has halted its studies for a few days.

DHARAN, June 7: After failing to control the spread of dengue in Dharan, Nepal Provincial Health Directorate (PHD) has said the disease has become an epidemic and declared some wards of Dharan Sub-metropolitan city as crisis-hit areas.

GULMI, April 27: The number of people suffering from a diarrhoea epidemic that broke out at Dajakot of Musikot municipality-4 in Gulmi last Sunday has reached 160.

GULMI, April 26: A diarrhea epidemic plaguing a rural village of Gulmi district for the past week is yet to come under control. Over 100 people have taken ill from the disease so far, and the number is on the rise, said local representative Hari Chhantyal.

Government of Nepal should conduct awareness programs about the virus. Health authorities should run screening and protecting protocol

TIKAPUR, Oct 31: The random increase in the number of people infected with HIV has been a matter of big concern in Kailali.

KAILALI, Oct 28: With Malaria taking toll in Lucknow and Bareli of Uttar Pradesh in India, a health check post has been set up at Gauriphanta border in Dhangadhi to make sure that no migrant worker brings the epidemic to Nepal.

MAHOTTARI, Sept 30: The reason behind the epidemic of diarrhea that spread in Nainhi village of ward no. 12 of Jaleswar municipality has been found to be coliform present in drinking water.

DANG, May 30: A diarrhea epidemic broke out at various parts of Shantinagar Rural Municipality- 3 and 4 in west Dang since last Saturday appears that it is gradually coming under control.

DANG, May 28: A diarrhea epidemic broke out at various parts of Shantinagar Rural Municipality- 3 and 4 in west Dang has come under control.

JAJARKOT, Jan 9: Two more people have lost their lives due to viral fever spreading since three weeks in the district.

RAJBIRAJ, Oct 6: An epidemic of diarrhoea and vomiting has spread in Tiladhi Koiladi rural municipality, that was recently affected by floods.

The silent epidemic

May 26, 2017 08:47 am

Back then is eight years ago and Astha* (name changed) was a 13-year-old eighth grader. She says she is unsure of her justification because even though she was a victim of emotional bullying by her peers at school, she is also well aware that she wasn’t the only one. They didn’t feel the need to hurt themselves but she did.

Cholera epidemic claims a girl

May 9, 2017 10:33 am

LAHAN, May 9: A cholera epidemic since the past few days in Musahar settlement in Kachanari of Bariyarpatti Village Council of Siraha has claimed a girl.

KATHMANDU, Dec 22: A research has shown that climate change could be the reason behind increasing diarrhoea epidemic in the last 12 years in Nepal.

Road accidents a 'neglected epidemic'

August 16, 2016 00:00 am

KATHMANDU, Aug 16: In yet another dreadful day for road fatalities, at least 36 people lost their lives in two separate road accidents in Kavre and Baitadi districts, Monday.

RAJBIRAJ, July 27: Life has turned miserable in around two dozens settlements across the district as growing number of people are rapidly falling ill to various diseases.