KATHMANDU, June 2: The government claims to have facilitated domestic agricultural production to increase employment opportunities, but the budget allocation for the sector might not help meet the government targets, say agricultural analysts.

GORKHA, March 21: Barpak Sulikot Rural Municipality started the  'Gaunpalika Adakxya Garibi Niwaran Program' last year to provide employment opportunities to the youth within the village. Under the program, the rural municipality had made working procedure to provide Rs 200,000 to the youths without any interest. The Rural Municipality had collected forms from those interested. Out of 60 applicants, only 14 were eligible for the subsidy.

SINDHULI, Feb 24: The operation of small firms registered under 'cottage industry' category is creating employment opportunities at local level in rural areas of Sindhuli.

Betting on foreign investment

September 2, 2019 09:56 am

The commonly accepted objective of foreign direct investment is to create conducive policy, regulatory and operational environment for attracting foreign owned companies or the multi-nationals to invest into the host country. The investment made in the productive sector of economy not only helps create job and employment opportunities through injection of foreign capital and technology but also helps in increasing productive capacity of the economy and improve balance of payment through increased export of goods and services.

Known for her work towards bettering the US criminal justice system, reality star Kim Kardashian West on Thursday spoke at 'Second Chance Hiring & Re-entry' event at the White House.' Second Chance Hiring & Re-entry' endeavors to help create opportunities for people after serving their sentence.

POKHARA, May 20: Gandaki Province is set to distribute Rs 400 million in grants to develop exemplary models of agricultural farms and animal husbandry, and provide employment opportunities to the youth.

Prosperity through Art

September 26, 2018 11:14 am

PARBAT, Sept 26: Different organizations -- government and non-government -- conduct vocational training intended at developing skills of the youths. However, contrary to the expectations, these skills development activities have not been able to generate sufficient employment opportunities.