In the context of Nepal, a study found that the relationship between external borrowing and economic growth results in an increased burden with the significance in the size and magnitude of such debt.

KATHMANDU, April 6: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has projected a 3.9 percent economic growth rate for Nepal in the current fiscal year - almost half of the government-forecast rate of seven percent.

KATHMANDU, Jan 13: The World Bank (WB) has projected Nepal’s economic growth to stay at 3.9 percent in 2021/2022, almost half of the rate that the government has been insisting on achieving.

KATHMANDU, Jan 9: Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) Governor Maha Prasad Adhikari has said achieving the economic growth rate of seven percent targeted by the government for this fiscal year will be a herculean task.

KATHMANDU, Oct 7: The World Bank (WB) has projected that the Nepali economy will grow by 3.9 percent in the current fiscal year, an improved average from 2020/21, with the country lifting containment measures as vaccination picks up and tourism and migrant worker flow recover.

KATHMANDU, Sept 22: Owing to prevailing high infection rates of the coronavirus, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has revised Nepal’s economic growth rate to 4.1 percent from an earlier projection of 5.1 percent in 2022.

KATHMANDU, September 12: Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has reiterated his claim that the country will meet the revised target of economic growth of seven percent in the current fiscal year.

DHANUSHA, Sept 12: The government of Province 2 has published the Economic Survey 2020/21, a first of its kind in the Province. According to the economic survey published by the government, the economic growth rate of the Province is 3.5 percent.

KATHMANDU, June 9: The World Bank (WB) has pointed out that the slow process of vaccination has hit the economic recovery of countries like Nepal that are being hit hard by the second wave of COVID-19.

KATHMANDU, May 30: The government has tried to establish its rationale behind the presentation of a full budget as being constitutional and feasible for implementation, despite the budget facing widespread criticism for being a ‘populist and distributive’ one enforced by a caretaker government.

KATHMANDU, May 29: The government has estimated the annual growth rate to stand at 6.5 percent in the next fiscal year. Unveiling the budget for the fiscal year 2020/21, Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Poudel has projected the economic growth rate for the economy hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic.

KATHMANDU, Jan 6: The World Bank (WB) has projected that Nepal’s economy will grow by a meager 0.6 percent in the current fiscal year.

A nation at risk

March 1, 2020 10:17 am

The future of our children and our nation is at risk. This is because learning achievement of our children is low and stagnant.  The time to bask in the success of getting students enrolled in schools is over.  Analyses show stronger positive association of economic growth with learning outcomes than with enrollment.

Rethinking human development

March 1, 2020 10:11 am

The concept of human development emerged in the 1970s out of the need to redefine the conventional notion of development which focused only on economic growth. This new idea appeared in the development thinking to disapprove the development model which only stresses on constructing big infrastructures and accelerating the economic growth.

Untapped leadership

February 22, 2020 12:24 pm

In Nepal like in many other countries, you often read about CEOs of big businesses like major banks or corporate groups talking about leadership and management as if only power, money, that often come from privilege, are the only essential determinants of leadership. With media houses in search for the cool guy able to talk leadership and give wise advice, it all smells of entitlement and power.

KATHMANDU, Feb 22: Nepal needs to invest an estimated additional $879 million in road safety over the next decade to halve its road crash fatalities, according to a new World Bank report.

KATHMANDU, Feb 13: The government on Wednesday expressed its firm determination to achieve its target of economic growth after revising the earlier announced budget size and expected expenditures allocated for development works.

KATHMANDU, Jan 18: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that the economic growth of Nepal will moderate to 6% in the current fiscal year 2019/20.

KATHMANDU, Jan 1: The year 2019 was a mixed bag for the country's economy. There were some bright spots in the economy, notably the robust growth momentum. However, some problems continued to plague the economy. The year also offered a hope for the New Year 2020 as the progress in at least three national pride projects indicates that they are nearing completion. As the New Year approaches, Republica has compiled five positive and five worrying signs of the economy.

Rethinking productivity

November 13, 2019 09:48 am

In much of today’s global economy, even the production of tangible goods is shaped by a growing number of intangible factors

How climate policies hurt the poor

September 29, 2019 00:25 am

NEW YORK – Over the past 25 years, nearly 1.2 billion people around the world have been lifted out of poverty, while both malnutrition and the risk of death from air pollution have decreased. Taken together, these achievements are nothing short of a miracle. But two global trends now threaten to slow the momentum in reducing poverty.

KATHMANDU, Sept 5: Though the Nepali economy has been growing in the last three fiscal years at a pace higher than the average growth rate of the last decade, some of the macroeconomic indicators, particularly related to the external sector, are worsening.

KATHMANDU, July 19: Indian envoy to Nepal Manjeev Singh Puri has urged Nepal to take benefits of the steady economic growth that India has been achieving for the past several years.

KATHMANDU, June 25: Minister for Finance, Dr Yuba Raj Khatiwada, has said that the tourism sector is the crucial basis of country' speedy economic growth, employment creation and foreign currency earning.

BEIJING, June 5: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Wednesday cut its 2019 economic growth forecast for China to 6.2% on heightened uncertainty around trade frictions, saying that more monetary policy easing would be warranted if the Sino-U.S. trade war escalates.

KATHMANDU, May 29: The government has aimed at achieving 7% economic growth rate in the upcoming fiscal year.

KATHMANDU, May 29: The government has projected high economic growth rate for the current fiscal year driven mainly by agricultural productions. However, statistics of livestock production released by the Ministry of Finance has been found questionable.

KATHMANDU, May 27: Government has projected seven percent economic growth for the fiscal year 2019/20.

Understanding China

May 20, 2019 01:30 am

Attempts to contain and convert China will be counterproductive. Understanding China and working together with it to shape a secure and prosperous future is the need of the day

BIRATNAGAR, May 19: Bangladeshi Ambassador to Nepal Mashfee Binte Shams has said that Nepal could learn from the economic growth achieved by her country. Inspecting a building of Everest Education Foundation being built here using steel structure technology produced in Bangladesh, she said on Saturday that lately, Bangladesh has made significant progress in economic growth and development.

KATHMANDU, May 9: People across the country want the upcoming budget to focus on economic growth and sustainability, a survey carried out by parliament’s Finance Committee shows.

KATHMANDU, May 4: The government targeted 8 percent economic growth but the projection is somewhere below 7 percent, largely driven by agriculture . Similar will be the fate of the next fiscal year starting mid-July as the growth target announced is even higher.

Future of economic growth

April 16, 2019 00:25 am

MANCHESTER – Last month, I wrote about the growing divide between economic theory and real-world economic conditions, and reminded readers that economics is still a social science, despite whatever loftier ambitions its practitioners may have. Nonetheless, when it comes to the specific question of what drives economic growth in the long term, one can still offer rigorous predictions by focusing on just two forces.

KATHMANDU, April 10: The latest edition of the World Economic Outlook (WEO) from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected Nepal’s economy to grow by 6.5 percent in the current fiscal year – FY2018/19.

KATHMANDU, April 5: The National Development Council (NDC) meeting has endorsed the approach paper of 15th National Plan and a long-term vision paper with various 'ambitious' targets like achieving 10.2 percent economic growth and raising per capita income to $1,600 by the end of the five-year plan, among others.

KATHMANDU, April 4: Progress in development indicators of the country’s 14th development plan have been more satisfactory compared to those in the past plan periods, according to a report of National Planning Commission.

KATHMANDU, April 3: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has estimated Nepal's economy to grow at 6.2% in fiscal year (FY) 2019 and 6.3% in FY 2020.

BEIJING, March 5: China sought to shore up its slowing economy through billions of dollars in planned tax cuts and infrastructure spending, with economic growth at its weakest in almost 30 years due to weaker domestic demand and a trade war with the United States.

KATHMANDU, Dec 14: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has made an upward revision to its forecast of Nepal’s economic growth rate to 6.5 percent, from 5 percent that it projected in World Economic Outlook published earlier in October.

KATHMANDU, Dec 5: The main opposition Nepali Congress will accelerate ways to implement the policy to achieve economic growth based on equality as envisioned by NC founder leader B.P. Koirala, according to the NC's economic policy presented here on Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, Nov 12: Bankers are worried over their worsening capacity to lend due to a prolonged shortage of loanable fund in the banking system. They say that the mismatch in deposit and loan growths for a lengthy spell could dampen the current economic growth momentum.

LONDON – From their ivory towers, nearly 240 academics have declared that economic growth is bad for Europe and the planet. In two months, they and global supporters of the “no-growth economy” have held conferences in Mexico City, Malmö, and Brussels.

KATHMANDU, Oct 10: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has kept economic growth projection for Nepal for the current Fiscal Year 2018/19 unchanged at 5 percent.

Who creates value in economy?

September 16, 2018 00:05 am

LONDON – After the 2008 global financial crisis, a consensus emerged that the public sector had a responsibility to intervene to bail out systemically important banks and stimulate economic growth. But that consensus proved short-lived, and soon the public sector’s economic interventions came to be viewed as the main cause of the crisis, and thus needed to be reversed. This turned out to be a grave mistake.