U.S. regulators on Tuesday banned swimming with Hawaii’s spinner dolphins to protect the nocturnal animals from people seeking close encounters with the playful species

Census of Dolphins underway in Kailali

September 4, 2021 07:44 am

BHAJANI (KAILALI), SEPTEMBER 4: A census of Dolphins has started from Friday in the Dolphin conservation area of Tikapur Municipality and Bhajani Municipality in the southeastern part of Kailali district.

TIKAPUR, July 8: With the level of water rising in the rivers, dolphins have been spotted in the confluence of Mohana and Pathraiya rivers of Tikapur Municipality-7. The locals said they saw the dolphins on Sunday.

TIKAPUR, July 30: Biplav Raj Shrestha, 23, of Vajani Municipality in Kailali is pursuing master's degree in engineering at a Hyderabad-based college in India.

TIKAPUR, Oct 12: Locals of Tikapur Municipality have expressed disappointment over the municipal authority for dumping garbage in a dolphin conservation area.

DHARAN, July 5: With the aim of discovering hidden talents and using them to bring about change in the society, ‘Dolphin Star 2074’ is all set to be launched in eastern part of the country. The hunt will focus on three genres namely singing, dancing and modeling.