TEHRAN, Sept 18: India will not lower its guard along the border with China while maintaining border peace in sync with the “Wuhan” spirit, Indian Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said, according to reports.

Doklam and Nepal

September 10, 2017 01:00 am

It is not advisable for Nepal to remain neutral when there is a war-like situation in our neighborhood.

Doklam clouds over Nepal

August 24, 2017 01:30 am

After the border blockade and recent floods in Tarai, partly attributable to India-built roads and dams, there are very few intellectuals in Nepal who are ready to take up India’s cause.

Nepal role for talks over Doklam urged

August 22, 2017 08:01 am

KATHMANDU, August 22: Many scholars and experts from various sectors have suggested that Nepal, which has been playing a key role in International Peacekeeping, could also act as a lynchpin for a peaceful dialogue between China, India and Bhutan to resolve the ongoing Doklam standoff.

Dangerous Doklam

August 13, 2017 00:48 am

All of you reading this already know what is happening in Doklam. So it makes no sense to copy-paste from other news sites on the origin of the conflict. Therefore, this piece will specifically focus on what Nepal should do to save ourselves if the situation turns ugly. And all signs suggest that it will get ugly.

KATHMANDU, August 11: Indian Foreign minister Sushma Sworaj  has held a meeting with her Bhutanese counterpart Damcho Dorji in Kathmandu with a view to discussing the issue related to Doklam row that has worsened the relation between India and China.

KATHMANDU, Aug 7: Brushing aside media reports that both India and China are trying to court Nepal on the issue of Doklam standoff, Nepal has clarified that Nepal won't be siding with any of the parties to the dispute.

KATHMANDU, July 24: Drawing attention of the parliament to the ongoing standoff between neighboring India and China at their tri-junction border point with Bhutan over the Doklam plateau, a lawmaker from the main opposition CPN-UML has urged the government to make Nepal's position clear.

KATHMANDU, July 24: At a time when the dispute between India and China over Doklam border stand-off is escalating, this topic has entered the parliament.

Doklam deterrent for Nepal

July 24, 2017 08:30 am

China apparently has the best interest of Nepal at heart, while India is forever scheming to undermine our sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Cartographer and scholar on border issues Buddhi Narayan Shrestha brings with him 27 years of experience working in the government’s Department of Survey and 21 years of experience in private land-surveying. Republica’s Mahabir Paudyal caught up with the veteran expert on Nepal’s borders to get his views on the current standoff over Doklam tri-junction between India, China and Bhutan. Are there similar tri-junctions between India, China and Nepal? If yes, how can Nepal forestall a Doklam-like situation?