SIMIKOT, Dec 28: All health facilities in seven rural municipalities in Humla are dealing with an increased number of people with complains of winter-related health issues as the winter season is about hit its peak.

BAITADI, July 6: Health institutions in the district are dealing with high pressure of patients with various waterborne diseases.

Nov 17: Drinking three to five cups of coffee regularly may reduce the risk of liver cancer and cirrhosis, according to a report. The report presented at the Royal Society of Medicine in London discussed potential impact of moderate coffee consumption on chronic liver disease, liver cancer and cirrhosis.

BANKE, Aug 30: After spending days under the open sky, Kaushilya Kumari Barma of Daduwa Rural Municipality-2, returned back to what was left of her home. There was not a single grain of food in her home as flood had swept away everything.