CHITWAN, Aug 20: Julie Mahato, a farmer residing in Kalika Municipality Ward No. 5, has embraced modern farming practices that align with the seasons. When challenges arose with her cultivated crops, Mahato found herself facing difficulties seeking consultations. However, this is no longer the case as she has transitioned to seeking advice through mobile applications from the comfort of her home.

Despite all that, there are also wonderful things that happened in 2022 and I will focus more on the key aspects that were predominantly noteworthy in the development sector. I have picked five of them as major lessons stemming from my personal and professional experience.

KATHMANDU, Dec 1: With the increasing trend of digitalization across the country, problems such as online violence are on the rise. It has become easy for people with ill intentions to post rude comments or send unwanted messages to victimize people, especially women. The case in Nepal is still worse as there are no relevant laws in place to tackle online violence.

BALEWA, June 2: Arrangements are in place for making monetary offerings to the  Muktinath Temple in Mustang district via  a digital system.

KATHMANDU, Jan 28: Minister for Labor, Employment and Transport Ghanshyam Dahal of Bagmati Province has directed the officials to digitize the written files in the department of transport management.

Deus in Machina

August 27, 2021 11:30 am

Silicon Valley has digitized everything but religion. Will that change in the future?

Revolution in digital age

October 1, 2019 01:30 am

There will first be a few revolutionaries, who are joined by hundreds of thousands then supported by millions. It happens without a central leadership and starts on the Internet

Asia’s digital revolution shows no signs of slowing down. From e-commerce giants like China’s Alibaba and Japan’s Rakuten to ride-hailing, and digital payment tech startups, like Indonesia’s Go-Jek and India’s Paytm, and the widespread use of industrial robots for manufacturing, digitalization is changing the way the region’s businesses operate.