Diarrhea outbreak in upper Dolpa

February 4, 2020 10:45 am

DOLPA, Feb 4: Locals from upper Dolpa now are suffering from diarrhea. Economically weak population and old-age people mostly live in the upper part of the district.

DADELDHURA, Aug 19: A diarrhea epidemic has broken out at various parts of Parshuram Municipality in the district.

GULMI, May 2: A diarrhea outbreak which claimed one life and affected more than 200 in Dajakot of Musikot Municipality-4 has been finally come under control since Wednesday.

GULMI, April 28: The entire village of Dajakot, Musikot Municipality-4, in Gulmi has been suffering from a diarrhoea outbreak since Wednesday evening. The outbreak gone haywire is yet to be brought under control even after four days have passed since it began.

GULMI, April 27: The number of people suffering from a diarrhoea epidemic that broke out at Dajakot of Musikot municipality-4 in Gulmi last Sunday has reached 160.

GULMI, April 26: A diarrhea epidemic plaguing a rural village of Gulmi district for the past week is yet to come under control. Over 100 people have taken ill from the disease so far, and the number is on the rise, said local representative Hari Chhantyal.

MAHOTTARI, Sept 30: The reason behind the epidemic of diarrhea that spread in Nainhi village of ward no. 12 of Jaleswar municipality has been found to be coliform present in drinking water.

SINDHULI, June 23: With the summer season in full stride, cases of viral and diarrheal diseases have increased markedly at the District Hospital, Sindhuli.

DANG, May 30: A diarrhea epidemic broke out at various parts of Shantinagar Rural Municipality- 3 and 4 in west Dang since last Saturday appears that it is gradually coming under control.

DANG, May 29: In the summer of 2004, an outbreak of diarrhea claimed three lives and affected nearly 400 people in Patetakura of Shantinagar Rural Municipality, Dang. The reason behind the outbreak was the distribution of contaminated water.

DANG, May 28: A diarrhea epidemic broke out at various parts of Shantinagar Rural Municipality- 3 and 4 in west Dang has come under control.

Health officials suspect contaminated water as cause

DANG, May 27: Consumption of polluted water from a contaminated drinking water supply source has spread diarrhea in two wards of Shantinagar rural municipality in Dang.

Number of diarrhea patients goes up

July 20, 2017 16:00 pm

MUGU, July 20: With the full-fledged monsoon, the number of patients suffering from diarrhea has gone up.

GORKHA, July 10: A diarrhea epidemic has broken out at Chumchet in Chumanubri Rural Municipality-6 of Gorkha district.

RAJBIRAJ, Sept 15: An epidemic of vomiting and diarrhea has gripped the Jamuni Madhepura VDC-2 in Saptari for the past few days. So far around 60 people of 25 families in the village have taken seriously ill.