DHADING, June 4: The adventure sport of canyoning has been launched at the Rani waterfall located at Thankre – 6 in southern Dhading from Saturday.

DHADING, May 21: Roaring Trishuli River has sent shivers down his spine several times while crossing the river. Many a times, he even had nightmares in which he trips off the tuin (a makeshift cable crossing) and drowns in the river. Despite such fears, there was no option other than to use the tuin to cross the river for Ram Sharan Sedhai and his fellow villagers of the Siddhalek village.

DHADING, Sept 23: The District Forest Office (DFO), Dhading has demolished the office building of Dhading Radio 106 MHz along with an adjoining women’s security building located inside Amarawati Community Forest in the Nilkantha Municipality on early Friday.