KHOTANG, April 6: As the central government fails to distribute salaries on time, health workers in various local units of Khotang have been deprived of their salaries for the past five months.

CHITWAN, Jan 17: A lot of villages in Madi district are still deprived of electricity. However, not all of them live in dark. Thanks to solar light installed in dozens of these villages, people’s life, and work have been made very much easier. Because of it some of the houses have also been able to operate home-stay services.

KATHMANDU, Oct 7: Ram Prasad Bhatta, who was injured in police firing that claimed the first casualty of Maoist insurgency in the district of Gorkha, has complained of being deprived of the government relief.

More than two months after rape and murder of Nirmala Panta, Nepal Police has not been able to identify the culprits and arrest them. Instead, very investigation process, including the DNA tests of suspects, has come under question. Where did this process go wrong? How should such investigations be handled? Professor Dr Harihar Wasti, Chief Consultant at Forensic Medicine Department, explained various steps of forensic and post-mortem investigation process in an interview with Mahabir Paudyal and Thira L Bhusal. Edited excerpts:

GORKHA, Oct 1: It has been three months since the officials working under the provincial government received their salaries. Without formulating any policies, programs and budget, Gandaki Province set up several offices in Gorkha.

POKHARA, Sept 7: The chief ministers (CMs) of six provinces of the country except for the Karnali Province met on Thursday in Pokhara, marking the first joint meeting of the CMs. They criticized the central government for depriving the provinces of the rights they need.

KATHMANDU, Aug 2:  Parliamentarian Hridayesh Tripathi flayed the government saying that it has not been doing dillydally in providing citizenship to many people.

KATHMANDU, July 12: The Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has introduced a provision in the Monetary Policy for Fiscal Year 2018/19 which allows banks to count loans against academic certificates, and higher education loans for students of marginalized and Dalit community, among others, as deprived sector lending.

ROLPA, June 22: Primary Health Center Holeri of Rolpa, a sole large health center of western Rolpa, is deprived of doctors for past two months.

SIRAHA, June 18: Health workers working under various local units of Siraha have expressed their disappointment toward the government for depriving them of their salaries and perks since five months.

KATHMANDU, June 6: Although 13 years have passed since then rebels CPN Maoist bombed a public passenger bus at Badarmude of Madi in Chitwan district, the families of the victims are still waiting for justice.

DHADING, June 3: Family members of the 34 victims who lost their lives in a deadly bus accident in Dhading on October 28, 2017 have not been provided any relief yet.

KATHMANDU, June 1: Seven months have passed since the government announced housing grants for the victims whose houses were damaged by last year's flooding in the tarai region. According to the announcement, they were to receive grants on par with the earthquake victims. But not a single flood victim has received the grant so far.

ACHHAM, April 10: During the conflict era, Armed Police Force (APF) had set up its camp by encroaching 64 ropanis of land belonging to local farmers in Sanfebagar.

SURKHET, March 9: Eight years ago, 72 years old Kalu Giri moved to Beureni of Pokharidanda after being displaced from Simali of Lagaam. He has a single-storey wooden house built in four Katthas of land provided by the then seven political parties. He has been sharing this house with 17 other members of his family. Four of his sons have gone to Kalapahad (India) for employment.

ITAHARI, Feb 27: Mishrilal Sah of Harinagara Rural Municipality-4 is a peon at the Sitaram Primary School in the village. However, in absence of teachers, he runs classes.

ROLPA, Feb 22: The second trimester of the current fiscal year is about to end but the locals of four rural municipalities of Rolpa are yet to receive the first tranche of social security allowance.

SIRAHA, Feb 17: A huge number of Nepali population residing in the border areas are obliged to live a wretched life deprived of various state facilities and privileges. The people here don't have access to secondary level education and health facilities.

SIRAHA, Feb 13: A huge number of Nepali population residing in the border areas are obliged to live a wretched life deprived of various state facilities and privileges. The people here don't have access to secondary level education and health facilities.

SIRAHA, Feb 13: The Nepali people living in areas near the country's borders are deprived of various state services and privileges. The people living here don't have access to secondary level education and health facilities.

MUGU, Feb 8: The government of Nepal has been providing social security allowance to children below five years of age, elderly people above sixty years and also to the disabled. The locals of ward 4 and 5 of Soru Rural Municipality have not yet received their allowance this fiscal year.

DHADING, Jan 23: Every morning Sonisa Chepang has to walk for two hours to reach her school. Despite her toils, the pain she takes to reach her school does not ensure that she will have teachers to teach at the school. Most of the times, teachers remain absent at her school and sometimes she herself stays home.

NUWAKOT, Jan 20:  Tired of waiting for the government to implement the reconstruction policy after the devastating earthquake of 2015, a large number of quake victims in Nuwakot rebuilt their houses on their own. But not many had the slightest idea that this would deprive them of the reconstruction grant provided by the government.

MUGU, Jan 4: Locals of Mugu had rejoiced after a doctor of Medicine-General Practice came to the district hospital a year ago.

SURKHET, Jan 3: Gurvakot Municipality has taken a decision to provide social security allowance to orphaned and disabled children who are deprived of parental love and various other privileges.

BAJURA, Dec 25: With the objective of abolishing child marriage, three community schools of Chededaha Rural Municipality have started a joint campaign to deprive the couple practicing early marriage from various facilities and privileges at the schools.

BAJURA, Dec 24: With the objective of abolishing child marriage, three community schools of Chededaha Rural Municipality have started a joint campaign to deprive the couple practicing early marriage from various facilities and privileges at the schools.

JUMLA, Dec 14: Raju Rokaya has two children. Both were born at home. A resident of the Tila Rural Municipality, she states that having delivery services nearby remains a far-fetched dream for the people like her. “We don’t have even a health post here, let alone birthing centers,” she said.

PARBAT, Oct 12: Every year, the District Coordination Committee and the District Drinking Water and Sanitation Division Office (DDWSDO), Rolpa, publicize a report showing the increase in people's access to drinking water in Kushma Municipality. However, that's not the real picture as more than 400 students in the district are struggling for drinking water in their school for years.

KATHMANDU, Oct 8: Revenue from issuing climbing permit that the Nepal Mountaineering Association had been raising since the past 15 years will now be raised by the government.

GAIGHAT, UDAYAPUR Oct 1: Patients visiting the District Hospital Udaypur based in Bokse, looking for treatment have been deprived of the service as hospital doctors are on the Dashain leave for over a week.

LAHAN, September 12: Dalits are not given a due space while choosing candidacy for major posts by political parties for the upcoming third the phase of local level election in Siraha district.

MYAGDI, September 11: Shiva Karki of Beni Municipality - 5 lost his house to devastating earthquake of 2015. Like many others, who were displaced by the earthquake, Karki also started living in a temporary shelter nearby his land along with his wife and little children.

DOLPA, August 29: Locals of three villages in Dolpa district in the mid western region have been deprived of government-sponsored subsidized rice and salt for the past two years, due to a dispute at Kerung border point.

JHAPA, July 28: It has been more than three days since the primary health center in Kankai Municipality does not have ‘amoxicillin’, an antibiotic. In fact, this life saving drug which is supposed to be distributed for free by the government is not available at most of the health centers in the district since Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, July 24: A proposal of Department of Tourism to provide certificate of mountaineering expedition to the high altitude workers is awaiting cabinet approval since the last three months.

ROLPA, JULY 24: Twelve years old Sanjita Ghotane who lives in Rolpa's headquarters Libang, nearby the District Education Office, is deprived of education.

BAGLUNG, July 13: Locals of Baglung bazaar at the district headquarters are facing severe drinking water shortage for the past few days as monsoon-induced landslides destroyed water supply lines, depriving access to water to as many as 60,000 locals.

KATHMANDU, June 27: Bank and financial institutions (BFIs) floated a total of Rs 99.34 billion in deprived sector loans in the first 10 months of the current fiscal year 2016/17.

MYAGDI, June 17: Elderly allowance provided by the government has been a great boon for many senior citizens who otherwise don't have enough money for medicines, food and various other expenses.

SIRAHA, June 1: Sixty-three years old Gauri Saday of Sakhuwanankarkatti Rural Municipality is compelled to live a miserable life in her old age. Gauri, who can't even move from one place to another without a stick has no one to look after her. She has visited the rural municipality office many times seeking government allowance, but she always returns home empty-handed. “You are not going to get the allowance until you build a toilet in your house,” the officials of the rural municipality always tell her.

CHAUTARA, April 21: Kamala Giri, a local of Gothapani Village of Chautara Sangachowkgadhi Municipality in Sindhupalchowk district, has re-built her one-storey house spending around Rs 500,000.

DHADING, Feb 2: Gothelal BK of Nalang village of Dhading district feels helpless as he watches his villagers building houses at war footing. Seeing them, this homeless man does not know how to make one for his family. The government did not provide him the earthquake assistance grant distributed to quake victims because he did not have land registered in his name.

BAJHANG, Jan 31: Pregnant women and new mothers in over two dozen of VDCs in Bajhang district have been deprived of iodized salt as the salt has not been supplied to those areas. The women say they hardly have any idea about the salt. The government has limited the availability of iodized salt only to the district headquarters Chainpur, depriving locals of remote areas of the much-needed salt.

Women deprived of maternity allowance

January 31, 2017 01:00 am

NEPALGUNJ, Jan 31: Kamala Budhathoki of Chhatarpur delivered a baby on December 17 last year at Bheri Zonal Hospital. A nursing mother is offered Rs 500 as transportation charge and Rs 400 for regular Ante Natal Checkup (ANC) under the Safe Motherhood Program. This allowance was introduced to encourage women for health checkups with the aim of reducing maternal and infant mortality rate. But Budhathoki only received transportation charge from the hospital.

Workers deprived of basic facilities

November 7, 2016 00:20 am

NEPALGUNJ, NOV 7: People working with industrial enterprises in Nepalgunj Industrial Estate have been deprived of even basic facilities.

BANEPA, Oct 22: As many as 900 people affected by the April 25, 2015 Gorkha Earthquake have not availed of the grant for house construction.

SINDHUPALCHOWK, Oct 6: Shovaram BK lost his house to the great earthquake last year. He cleared the remains of the fully destroyed house and was thinking to build new house when a landslide washed away the land, too.

KHOTANG, Sept 13: Instead of going to school, five-year-old Mausam Rai of Mauwabote-6 in Khotang district has been spending life in District Prison, Diktel since the last two years.

KATHMANDU, Aug 30: Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has instructed commercial banks to disburse at least two percent of their total loans to the deprived sector directly by themselves.