KATHMANDU, Dec 31: After the government’s decision to dissolve parliament on 20th December, the frequency of protests in Kathmandu has increased swiftly. With the rise in protests around the capital, flag makers in the inner alleys of Kathmandu are trying hard to meet the demands for flags.

MUMBAI, Aug 29: Hundreds of masked protesters demonstrated in major Indian cities on Friday against a government plan to hold exams for millions of students during the coronavirus pandemic, as the daily tally of infections hit a record.

HONG KONG, Aug 11: Hong Kong protesters readied to take to the streets again on Sunday, defying a police ban on marches in the Chinese-controlled territory and continuing a restive weekend of demonstrations which saw police fire teargas overnight.

KATHMANDU, April 16: The government has banned the general public from organizing protests, demonstrations or gatherings at Maitighar Mandala, a major crossroads to the south of Singha Durbar in the capital.