Foreign aid decreases by Rs 77 billion

February 16, 2024 13:38 pm

KATHMANDU, Feb 16: As Nepal grapples with resource shortages for development projects, there's been a huge decline in international aid extended to the country by its development partners.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 13: Nearly half of the world's migratory species are in decline, according to a new United Nations report released Monday.

KATHMANDU, Nov 24: Nepal spent Rs 104.75 billion on imported goods while the earning from export was mere Rs 9.69 billion in the past one month.

KATHMANDU, Nov 23: Despite being an import-based economy, Nepal's foreign trade has contracted. Imports have declined in the month of Kartik (mid-October to mid-November), despite an expected increase in consumption during the festivals of Dashain, Tihar, Chhath, and others.

KATHMANDU, Sept 25: Nepal’s foreign trade volume declined 5.32 percent with a decline in both imports and exports in the first two months of the current fiscal year.

KATHMANDU, March 14: Nepal received pledges for foreign direct investment (FDI) worth Rs 25.31 billion in the first seven months of the current fiscal year -  a decline from Rs 28.46 billion during the same period in the last fiscal year.

Gold price declines by Rs 900 per tola

August 27, 2019 13:00 pm

KATHMANDU, Aug 27: The price of gold has declined by Rs 900 per tola on Tuesday.

LAHAN, June 29: Siraha and Saptari, regarded as the mango capital of the country, saw a decline in the production of the fruit this year. The epidemic of insect and pests led to the decline this year, which was also a year of low mango production, according to the Agriculture Knowledge Centre, Rajbiraj.

SHANGHAI, Jan 5: China’s population is set to reach a peak of 1.442 billion in 2029 and start a long period of “unstoppable” decline in 2030, government scholars said in a research report published on Friday.

Fertility decline: A new study done on students shows that less than half of the participants could correctly identify the age when a woman’s fertility declines, and even fewer knew when male fertility declines.

KATHMANDU, July 11: Banks and financial institutions can hereafter make a margin call only after reduction of the price by 20 percent according to monetary policy 2075/76.

KATHMANDU, June 23: The equity market maintained an overall negative bias this week. The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index posted losses of more than 8 points in three out of five trading days, while the remaining two trading days witnessed gains of less than 2 points only.

KATHMANDU, Mar 4: House of Representatives, Mahendra Raya Yadav, has declined to administer oath to the members of the House of Representatives.

Decline and fall

February 20, 2018 01:00 am

Widening gap between complaints lodged and resolved indicates CIAA’s inefficiency or backlog of corruption complaints

Decline of US soft power

February 13, 2018 00:30 am

One of the greatest sources of America’s soft power is the openness of its democratic processes

Yak cheese production on the decline

December 5, 2017 11:35 am

KATHMANDU, Dec 5: Production of yak cheese has declined by almost 50 percent over the past three decades.

HIV infections are on decline

KATHMANDU, Nov 29: Non-performing loans (NPL) of commercial banks slightly increased in the first quarter of the current fiscal year 2017/18 compared to corresponding period of FY 2016/17.

Onion productivity on constant decline

November 27, 2017 04:30 am

KATHMANDU, Nov 27: Onion productivity is declining with each passing year. According to statistics of Vegetable Development Directorate (VDD), onion productivity declined to 12.03 tons per hectare in 2014/15, down from 12.98 per hectare in 2013-14. It further fell to 11.88 ton per hectare in 2015/16.

Decline of generosity

November 15, 2017 01:30 am

In absence of compassion and empathy for the needy, religious rituals we perform during festivals mean literally nothing.

KATHMANDU, August 17:Seventy eight under-secretaries of the Ministry of Education (MoE) deputed to the local units have declined to undertake their responsibilities after they were kept under the supervision of junior officers at the local units.

Nepse suffers double digit decline

August 15, 2017 17:08 pm

KATHMANDU, Aug 15: Flooding and landslides across the country have caused a severe affect on Nepal Stock Exchange as the benchmark index has suffered a double-digit fall on Tuesday.

Africa’s elephant population has suffered its worst drop in 25 years, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) said Sunday, blaming the plummeting numbers on poaching.

KATHMANDU, Sept 23: Remittance inflow has declined 2.5 percent in the first month of the current fiscal year 2016/17 to Rs 51.94 billion, indicating uneasy days ahead for the economy.