KANCHANPUR: A total of 255 people including 12 women involved in drug dealing and addiction have been arrested in 11 months of the current fiscal year  in Kanchanpur district.

Dealing with syndicates

August 26, 2019 01:30 am

As long as the market-related inefficiencies that actually gave rise to syndicates remain, the transportation syndicates will rise again, in one form or another

Dealing with China

July 15, 2018 01:00 am

We need to wait and see under which modality China will provide us assistance for railway infrastructure: through grants or loans

BAITADI, July 6: Health institutions in the district are dealing with high pressure of patients with various waterborne diseases.

Dealing with big brother

February 27, 2018 01:30 am

With the leftist in the government for five years, there may not be a better time to improve bilateral ties with China

Dealing with sexual harassment

January 19, 2018 09:34 am

34-year-old Sabrina Pradhan was running late for a meeting and had no other option but to squeeze herself into the last available space in a tempo when the man on the seat next to hers pinched her bottom.

Dealing with a puffy face

November 10, 2017 08:50 am

“A puffy face makes people look tired, sleepy, and sometimes older than they are too. It might hamper your confidence levels as well,” says Sabina Manandhar, beautician at Tranquility Spa. According to Manandhar, lack of sleep, dehydration, over-consumption of salt, stress, and crying are some factors that contribute to you waking up with a swollen face the next morning. However, a few healthy habits and some changes in your diet can help people get rid of this annoying problem.

KATHMANDU, Dec 22: The Ministry of Health has instructed health workers to behave the caretakers of patients in a decent, polite and responsible way.

LONDON, Nov 3: England's High Court ruled on Thursday that the British government requires parliamentary approval to trigger the process of exiting the European Union, upsetting Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plans.

MADRID, Sept 25: Two consecutive draws and a little rant by Cristiano Ronaldo have put Real Madrid on the verge of an early crisis.