Benefits of soilless farming

February 9, 2020 11:15 am

The challenges facing soil-based agriculture led to the invention of soilless agriculture. Soilless cultivation has become possible through the use of hi-tech

KHOTANG, July 9: The lack of irrigation facility has severely affected paddy plantation in Khotang. In Diktel, only two percentage of paddy plantation has been done, while in the entire district it's just 10 percentage, according to officials.

BAJURA, June 30: Paddy plantation has been completed by only 30 per cent due to lack of rain in Bajura. By Asar 15, i.e. today, majority of the plantation should have been completed.

KHALANGA, April 4: Farmers here have started cultivating special varieties of Kalimarsi and Ratimarsi rice in Jumla. According to the traditional practice, sprouting seeds of the rice varieties are cultivated on Chaitra 20 (which falls on April 3 this year) every year.

Protecting plant breeder’s right

November 6, 2018 00:00 am

Innovation, creation and development do not happen overnight. It requires effort, diligence and devotion to fit in the position of novelty. Novelty remains vacant in the absence of recognition. Every innovation is respected and recognized through intellectual property (IP) and plant breeders right is one of them.

KATHMANDU, Nov 5: Among the many natural riches of the country, Nepal is yet to explore its potential in cultivation and marketing of flowers.

JAJARKOT, May 21: Illicit cultivation of opium poppy is gradually flourishing in the Nalgadh Municipality in Jajarkot district. Locals here are found attracted to opium cultivation with the hope of getting a good return for small investment. A large section of dry land here has been turned into to illegal opium farm.

DHANGADHI, Oct 27: Ram Gulabi Chaudhary is worried these days after irrigating the land that he had leased to cultivate barley and mustard. It has already been a while after irrigating the land, but he cannot sow the seeds in lack of fertilizers. Now he fears the land will dry and he has to spend money again for irrigation.