KANCHANPUR, Jan 26: The population of the crane, a bird that lives in wetland areas, is in decreasing trend in Kanchanpur district, compared to the past. The number of this bird has started to decrease with shrinking wetland areas. Ornithologists say the loss of habitat is the main reason for the declining crane population every year.

GAUR, August 13: Floods have inundated different parts of Rauthat. Gaur Municipality located in the district headquarters is filled with water. According to Rauthat Police, more than 400 houses in the district have been submerged in the floods. Such market places as Garuda Municipality, Katahariya, Shiva Nagar, Samanpur, Bariyapur, Rajpur, Gangapipara, Matsari, Khunkhunwa and Ijaminiya.

KATHMANDU, Jan 25: A crane being used in the underpass construction at Kalanki has met with an accident.