The Positive That We Don’t See

January 16, 2023 15:30 pm

There are many factors that have aided in helping rectify the damage caused by us to the environment, and these factors include initiatives taken by countries to help prevent further damage to the climate and environment.

Traveling on a student budget

January 31, 2020 12:49 pm

Many of us imagine traveling to the most exotic places of the world, alone or with friends. But sadly, as students and young people in general, though we have the time and energy to visit and explore new places, it’s the financial aspect that we often have trouble with. So, do we have to wait until we’re professionally successful to finally travel the world? Not really. There are many places around the world that are student budget-friendly, with many affordable lodging options including hostels, inexpensive local food and an overall hospitable environment for young people who want to travel. Here is a list of countries that one can easily travel to on a student budget.

Only seven nations (or political unions) have been to or orbited the moon so far as part of a successful or semi-successful mission – and the runner-up doesn’t even exist anymore.

KATHMANDU, June 18: Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has put in place the promotional campaign in different countries to establish Nepal as the entry point of Buddhist religious tourism.

Amid a backdrop of rising populism and economic and social instability, the 2019 edition of the Reuters Institute Digital News Report was published this week.

It’s a little-known fact that the countries that currently emit the most CO2 per capita are located on the Arabian Peninsula.

UNITED NATIONS, April 16: The 2019 Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) financing for development forum opened here Monday and its participants called for efforts to reform the multilateral trading system.

Countries Never Visited by a Sitting U.S. President.

In most cases, governments are seeking to increase their share of profits, rather than all-out resource nationalism, although Mongolia has been trying to nationalize a stake in a copper mine.

Missing Nepal differently

March 3, 2019 01:00 am

While in an advanced American hospital, I thought of hospitals back home, villages where women are forced to give birth in cowsheds or even die due to lack of treatment

According to The Committee to Protect Journalists, 53 journalists lost their lives on the job so far this in 2018. The advocacy group claims that 34 of them were singled out for murder.

Vegetarian-friendly countries

August 24, 2018 09:38 am

The whole world is kind of a free pass for those who indulge in meat dishes. But for vegetarians traveling to new places can bring about quite a fair bit of culinary challenges by limiting their eating out options. There usually aren’t as many good options for vegetarians to choose from as considered to those who don’t have any dietary restrictions. However, we found out that there are some places that can be an absolute delight for vegetarians, places where they will get to sample the culture through its food.

Why are BRICS countries considered important?

Dynamics of military expenditures of the main countries of the world from the end of the cold war

CHITWAN, July 10 : Twenty six rhinoceros have been gifted to various countries so far from Chitwan National Park (CNP).

KATHMANDU, June 22: Nepal exports pashmina to 47 countries of the world, the Pashmina Industry Association has stated.

A greater representation of women in the government is bad news for corruption, according to a new study published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

KATHMANDU, May 19: Three Nepalis recently completed a bicycle tour of 20 countries in the world with the message 'Nepal is safe after earthquake'.

Air pollution is involved in the deaths of around seven million people every year, with the vast majority of fatalities taking place in poorer countries.

KATHMANDU, April 30: A gathering of 23 countries from across the globe has agreed to promote Lumbini as the birthplace of Lord Buddha and a foundation of Buddhism and world peace as envisioned in their previous declaration issued in 2016.

KATHMANDU, April 16: Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Gywali has said that the government gives high priority on amicable and evenhanded relation with the neighboring countries.

KATHMANDU, March 21: Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Matrika Prasad Yadav has said that the landlocked countries and least developed countries have become unrestricted market for trade of other countries.

Vulnerable countries

March 14, 2018 01:00 am

The threat on Nepal’s national integrity is nothing compared to similar threat India is faced with in keeping itself intact

The countries with the highest salaries

KATHMANDU, Feb 25: The report to be presented by the Nepal-India Eminent Persons Groups (EPG) will be positive for both the countries.

On Monday, Donald Trump tweeted that people in the UK were marching on the streets because their universal healthcare system is broken and not working.

KATHMANDU, Feb 3: Nepal has ranked at the 43rd position in Open Budget Index 2017, out of 115 countries covered in an assessment carried out by International Budget Partnership (IBP). Nepal scored 52 out of 100, showing that the country’s budget transparency is insufficient and limited information is available.

WASHINGTON, Jan 13: Facing strong condemnation at home and abroad, U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday denied using the word “shithole” to describe Haiti and African countries, but kept up criticism of a Senate immigration plan that he said would force the United States to admit people from countries that “are doing badly.”

Which countries publish the most books each year? A report from the non-profit International Publishers Association found that in 2015, two countries dominated global book production.

Amid the UK’s Brexit vote and rising right-wing populism across Europe, euroscepticism has never posed a greater threat to the EU. Despite the turmoil, majorities in most countries feel they have benefited from EU membership. According to the European Parliament, 90 percent of people in Ireland feel their country’s decision to join the EU has paid off.

Major publishing houses from 16 countries have signed memorandums with the Foreign Languages Press (FLP) to translate and publish the second volume of Chinese President Xi Jinping's book on governance.

Countries that are peaceful is where women well-being is highest in the world, while those that are unstable or embroiled in conflict are the most dangerous for them, according to the 2017 Global Women, Peace and Security Index.

Across the globe, the spread of right-wing populism and authoritarian politics have shaken the very foundations of democracy. A new survey from Pew Research has found that publics across the globe are generally unhappy with the functionality of their political systems, though levels of satisfaction with democracy vary hugely between countries.

A recently released World Economic Forum report has found that the global economy is recovering well nearly a decade on from the start of the global financial crisis with GDP growth hitting 3.5 percent in 2017.

XIAMEN (CHINA), September 5: China has announced that it will provide around US$ 80m to further boost economic and technological cooperation among BRICS countries and other new emerging markets and developing countries.

XIAMEN (CHINA), Sept 2: Chinese President Xi Jinping, who is also the chair of this year's BRICS Summit, said that the BRICS countries should now move ahead with BRICS plus cooperation model by integrating emerging markets and developing countries in order to give impetus to the world economic growth and diffuse risks and challenges posed by the rise of protectionism.

According to new research from Gallup, many countries on the frontlines of Europe’s migration crisis are among the least-accepting countries worldwide for migrants.

KATHMANDU, August 8: None of the government bodies in the country has exact information on the number of Nepali migrant workers in the Gulf countries.

KATHMANDU, Aug 7: Concluding that the officials of the Department of Immigration, staffers of airline companies and security personnel at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) have been involved in human trafficking, a parliamentary panel has suggested the concerned authorities to investigate and punish those involved in the misdeed.

Over the last ten years, the Irish county with the highest rate of drink driving convictions was Monaghan, and by some margin. In that period, over four percent of licenses had at least one such conviction.

Have you ever wondered where people tend to walk the most every day on average? Scientists at Stanford University have answered this question by collecting data on a “planetary-scale” to determine how active people are in different countries.

Trust in government serves as a vital driving force for a country’s economic development, increases the effectiveness of governmental decisions, as well as leading to greater compliance with regulations and the tax system.

KATHMANDU, July 12: Most of the foreign trips involving civil servants that occurred in the last two months included programs with little gains such as overseas ‘study tours’, observation visit, reflective events in Europe and America. A government secretary and some other officials were even found to have wasted taxpayers’ money to attend friendly volleyball tournament in Denmark and taekwondo championship in USA.

Main migratory routes to the gulf countries

Nathaniel Heller is the executive vice president of integrated strategies at Results for Development (R4D), which works with change agents such as government officials, sometime social entrepreneurs and civil society activists to design and execute strategies for strengthening health, education and nutrition system. Prior to joining R4D in 2015, Heller co-founded and led Global Integrity, a non-profit organization that promotes government transparency and accountability worldwide. During his time as executive director of Global Integrity, Heller led the organization since its inception in 2005 through a period of intensive growth that saw Global Integrity established as a global leader on anti-corruption and governance issues. Republica's Kosh Raj Koirala caught up with him during his recent trip to Kathmandu in order to learn the efforts of his organization to promote transparency and accountability. Excerpts:

The world's most and least peaceful countries

BEIJING, May 15: China has announced to provide an assistance of USD 8.7 billion to the developing countries and international organizations participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.

BEIJING, May 14: China has announced to provide assistance worth 8.7 billion US dollar to developing countries and international organizations participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.

NEW YORK, May 13: Dozens of countries were hit with a huge cyberextortion attack Friday that locked up computers and held users’ files for ransom at a multitude of hospitals, companies and government agencies.

JOHANNESBURG, April 24: Three African countries have been chosen to test the world's first malaria vaccine, the World Health Organization announced Monday. Ghana, Kenya and Malawi will begin piloting the injectable vaccine next year with hundreds of thousands of young children, who have been at highest risk of death.