KATHMANDU, May 21: Nepal’s total foreign trade declined Rs 36.69 billion in the first 10 months of the current fiscal year.

KATHMANDU, Oct 21: Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has stated that 10.5 million liters of petroleum products were consumed from various depots on the sixth day of Dashain i.e. on Friday.

KATHMANDU, August 20: Eight years ago, until 2015, Nepal struggled with over eight hours of daily power cuts due to electricity demand surpassing supply. Citizens could not even meet essential electricity consumption needs.

KATHMANDU, June 30: Asar 15 (June 30), also known as National Paddy Day, is a day celebrated across the country by enjoying a traditional meal of curds and beaten rice. This auspicious occasion sees a significant surge in curd consumption compared to other days of the year.

KATHMANDU, Sept 14: Demand for electricity across the country hit 1,600 MW on Sunday. This is the maximum value till date.

KATHMANDU, Jan 25: The government has announced that it is preparing to bring a consumption based tariff policy on electricity to boost consumption with the rise in electricity generation.

KATHMANDU, Aug 13: Though the government has already ended scheduled power cuts ensuring round the clock electricity supply, per capita consumption of electricity has not gone up as expected.

The right way to diet

July 5, 2019 08:02 am

Dieting is basically regulating and managing your food consumption for weight management and for other health issues. It’s not the absence of food and should not be confused with fasting.

KATHMANDU, Jan 21: As an indication of growing coffee culture in the country, coffee consumption is on the rise in recent years. This has also contributed to increased coffee production in the country.

Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) called an urgent meeting on Friday to draw attention of concerned bodies to a planned law that would 'further discourage consumption and marketing of alcohol'.

MUGU, Nov 24: Chhayanath Rara Municipality that recently announced ban on the sale, distribution and consumption of alcohol has started taking action against rule violators. Officials said they arrest the rule violators and those found guilty are made to pay certain amount in bail and are freed.

Responsible Consumption and Production

KATHMANDU, July 9: Milk consumption has come down by around 30 percent after the government's inspection found presence of coliform bacteria and soda in milk processed by dairy plants, according to food technicians.

KATHMANDU, May 9: The government aims to increase electricity consumption per person by about five times from existing 129 units (kWh) in five years.

KATHMANDU, March 6: Ncell - the first private telecommunication service provider of the country -- has seen an influx in data use by 130 percent.

6 out of 10 drownings involve alcohol consumption

POKHARA, Feb 13: The consumption of sugarcane has increased in the district during Maha Shivaratri.

KATHMANDU, Dec 29: Market inspection and quality test conducted in the first four months of Fiscal Year 2017/18 has found that 17 percent of food and beverages available in the market are unfit for consumption.

Import of products in the category increased by 20 percent in Fiscal Year 2016/17

KATHMANDU, Dec 4: The consumption of cosmetic products grew by 19.6 percent in Fiscal Year 2016/17 compared to FY2015/16.

HETAUDA, July 5: Farmers of northern part of Makawanpur districts are suffering huge loss as fresh vegetables produced by them is not finding buyers.

PANCHTHAR, July 11: Deaths from consumption of wild mushrooms have been on the rise of late in various districts, with reports of people falling sick after eating the plant becoming ever more regular.

BHOJPUR, July 7: As many as 12 people were taken ill after consuming wild mushroom at Takshar Malbase near the district headquarters on Thursday morning.