The 2015 Constitution provides a comprehensive framework, guaranteeing the rights to food, protection from hunger, and food sovereignty under Article 36. Additionally, the Constitution ensures rights to live with human dignity, housing, employment, equality, social justice, social security, and access to clean water and sanitation, all of which complement the right to adequate food.

KATHMANDU, Dec 15: The Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) is engaged in a dispute with the local administration over its efforts to install the statue of the late King Mahendra in Mahendranagar. The local administration issued a prohibitory order on Thursday evening, halting the statue installation program.

KATHMANDU, Nov 19: It has been 30 years since Nepal ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989. Nepal committed to ensuring the rights of children by becoming a party to this convention on September 14, 1990.

KATHMANDU, Nov 10: Nepali Congress (NC) leader Prakash Man Singh has said that the current ruling alliance, formed to safeguard the constitution, will move forward through consensus among the parties in the alliance.

Tuesday's meeting of top leaders of the major political parties at Singha Durbar brought to light a growing concern that the attempt to sow chaos and disorder in the country has been on the rise. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who convened the meeting, expressed his apprehension regarding the increasing influence of anti-republican elements capitalizing on the mounting discontent among the population towards the current political system.

On September 20 this year, Nepal marked the eighth anniversary of the promulgation of the constitution. The Constitution of 2015 holds special significance as it was drafted by the Constituent Assembly, which brought about a major political shift in the country by adopting federalism as a system of governance.

KATHMANDU, Oct 6: On the occasion of Constitution Day, the President traditionally grants amnesty to prisoners, a practice that has recently come under scrutiny. This year, the controversy surrounds the presidential pardon given to Yog Dhakal, also known as Regal, the convicted murderer of Chetan Manandhar. Regal was serving a life sentence before he was released through presidential pardon on Constitution Day. President Ramchandra Paudel's decision to grant him amnesty has sparked widespread debate and criticism, from the streets to parliament.

LALITPUR, Sept 25: Acting Prime Minister and Defence Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka has expressed the government's full commitment towards the agreement reached with teachers discontented with the provisions of the School Education Bill.

KATHMANDU, Sept 21: Reports of the celebration of the National Day and Constitution Day on 20 September by Nepal's diplomatic missions abroad have been received.

KATHMANDU, Sept 20: Acting Prime Minister and Defence Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka has said that the government is continuously effortful towards giving an impetus to the constitution implementation and fulfilling the aspirations of the country and people by establishing political stability, peace and good governance.

KATHMANDU, Sept 20: On this Constitution Day, President Ramchandra Paudel has granted clemency to four individuals, including three currently incarcerated in Kailali District jail, for their involvement in the August 24, 2015 incident in Tikapur.

US congratulates Nepal on Constitution Day

September 20, 2023 13:19 pm

KATHMANDU, Sept 20:  The United States of America has congratulated the entire Nepali community on the occasion of Constitution Day- 2080 BS (2023).

KATHMANDU, Sept 19: Former Chairperson of Council of Ministers, Khil Raj Regmi, has extended his wishes that the Constitution Day would inspire everyone to uphold constitutional procedures and the rule of law, making a way towards a happy journey of democracy and prosperity.

Kathmandu, Sept 15: Vice President Ram Sahaya Prasad Yadav has laid emphasis on mandatory formulation and enforcement of education, health, sports, entertainment and personality development plans of children as per the arrangements specified in the Constitution.

KATHMANDU, Sept 9: A meeting of the Council of Ministers has decided to present the Bill relating to the Constitution, Operations and Terms and Conditions of the Federal Civil Service to the Federal Parliament.

KATHMANDU, Aug 24: The Supreme Court (SC) has issued an interim order not to take any long-term decisions, stating that the vote of confidence taken by the Chief Minister of Koshi Province Government, Uddhav Thapa, cannot be considered constitutional.

CM Thapa administered oath

August 2, 2023 18:45 pm

BIRATNAGAR, August 2: Newly appointed Chief Minister of Koshi Province, Uddhav Thapa, has been administered oath of office and secrecy amidst a ceremony on Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, July 30: Lawmaker and secretary of the main opposition party, CPN-UML, Yogesh Bhattarai has called for giving full shape to the parliamentary committees.

KATHMANDU, July 28: The bill to amend and unify the laws related to elections has been opposed by the political circles, arguing it is against the essence and spirit of the Constitution.

KATHMANDU, July 27: The Supreme Court has annulled the appointment of Chief Minister Uddhav Thapa of Koshi Province government. The full bench of Supreme Court justices Til Prasad Shrestha, Anand Mohan Bhattarai and Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada ruled that the signature of Speaker Baburam Gautam on the formation of the Koshi Province government was flawed and the appointment process was found to be against the Constitution of Nepal.

KATHMANDU, July 15: In order to make the federal democratic governance system effective and pro-people, additional commissions were envisioned during the formation of the constitution by the Constituent Assembly. According to the constitutional provisions, those commissions were also formed. However, after the addition of the new commissions, the effectiveness of the constitutional commissions formed earlier have also degraded.

KATHMANDU, May 30: President Ram Chandra Paudel has pointed out the need to fully implement the provision of reservation guaranteed by the Constitution.

KATHMANDU, May 26: A writ petition was filed at the Supreme Court on Wednesday demanding that the contradictory constitution and legal provisions for political parties be declared null and void.

KATHMANDU, May 5: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that his government was advancing firmly for the strengthening of the republic and implementation of the Constitution, according top priority to social justice, good-governance and prosperity.

KATHMANDU, March 4: Senior leader of Nepali Congress (NC) Ram Chandra Poudel has said that he considers the matter of protecting and upholding the constitution and democracy, which he fought for his whole life, to be the most important responsibility as the head of the state.

KATHMANDU, Feb 9: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that it is not the time to review Nepal's constitution and political system.

KATHMANDU, Feb 8: Ramkumari Jhakri, former minister and secretary of CPN (Unified Socialist Party), has warned Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) lawmakers not to speak against the constitution and system. She alleged that the RPP was showing a circus 'jatra' by protesting against the constitution inside the parliament.

Fundamental Rights and Hollow Promises

February 7, 2023 07:41 am

It’s been more than seven years and four months since the Constitution of Nepal 2015 was promulgated and the country formally embraced the federal democratic republic. Obviously, Nepal’s latest constitution is different from the past constitutions of the country in several aspects.

NAWALPARASI WEST, Nov 16: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has called for the victory of the ruling coalition in the November 20 elections for the defense of democracy and the constitution. Addressing an election gathering held on Tuesday, he said that it is necessary for the ruling alliance to win for economic prosperity along with peace, constitution and democracy.

KARNALI, Oct 24: Prime Minister and Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba has said the ruling five-party alliance has safeguarded constitution and federalism, calling the alliance a historical necessity.

KATHMANDU, Sept 19: The little-heard Joint Agitation Front has burnt the constitution in protest saying that Asoj 3 - the Constitution Day - is a “black day”. The protest was held in Maitighar, Kathmandu today.

The cut-off year for foreigners to apply for citizenship in India is very strict and conditional. However, in Nepal, it is unfortunate that its fault lines are in the constitution as the cut off year for foreigners to apply for citizenship has been extended after amendment and promulgation of each constitution.

KATHMANDU, August 5: A senior leader of the CPN-UML and member of the House of Representatives, Dr Bhim Rawal has said that it is against the constitution for the ruling alliance parties to form a coalition in the upcoming elections.

KATHMANDU, July 1: President Bidya Devi Bhandari has said that the law professors and students of university have a pivotal role to promote public awareness on the constitution and the law, and its enforcement in society.

KATHMANDU, June 27: Newly appointed Minister for Urban Development, Metmani Chaudhary, has directed employees at the ministry and other subordinate bodies to perform and deliver in accordance with the Constitution and the relevant laws.

KATHMANDU, March 23: Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Dilendra Prasad Badu has said that the CPN-UML government had to step down ahead of its term as it tried to trample on the constitution.

KATHMANDU, Feb 4: President Bidhya Devi Bhandari has lauded that the National Assembly (NA) played an important role in coordinating among local, provincial and federal government while implementing the constitution.

A rare first printing of the U.S. Constitution sold at Sotheby’s in New York for $43.2 million, a record price for a document or book sold at auction.

KATHMANDU, Nov 5: CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said that he will resolve the issue of identity. Speaking at a program organized on the occasion of ‘Nepal Sambat 1142’ at Lalitpur on Friday, Dahal said that he has put a 12-point opinion in the Constituent Assembly, regarding the issue of identity.

KATHMANDU, Sept 27: Loktantrik Samajbadi Party Chairman Mahatha Thakur has said that the flawed constitution has increased the political instability in the country.

We expect justice: Deuba

May 27, 2021 14:56 pm

KATHMANDU, May 27: President of Nepali Congress, Sher Bahadur Deuba has claimed that the prime minister and the president have violated the constitution.

NC: Unconstitutional; Maoist: Oli on Gyanendra’s path

Testing time for the Supreme Court

December 26, 2020 07:20 am

This is the biggest test for Nepal’s Supreme Court.  Where we will land next, including the future of the current political system and the constitution itself, will depend on the wisdom of the court.

KATHMANDU, Dec 20: Senior leader of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Madhav Kumar Nepal said that the government’s decision to dissolve  parliament  is against the constitution.

Experts say capable candidates are ignored, while party cadres are landing big government appointments

KATHMANDU, Sept 20: It’s been already five years since the Constitution of Nepal was promulgated on September 20, 2015.

The Nepal Communist Party (NCP) secretariat has decided to nominate the party’s vice-chairperson Bamdev Gautam as a member of the National Assembly. Narayan Kaji Shrestha and few other NCP leaders who had lost the election have already been nominated to the National Assembly. People have voiced strong objections to such nominations, jeopardizing the legitimacy of the Assembly itself. People are talking of the Assembly as a place to settle the rejected political leaders.

KATHMANDU, Jan 9: A writ petition was filed at the Supreme Court on Wednesday challenging the recently promulgated Advertisement Regulation Act that goes against the spirit of the Constitution.

We care about you

November 3, 2019 02:30 am

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli returned to Baluwatar Thursday evening “fit and fine” after undergoing treatment at Tokha-based Grande Hospital for two days. Oli underwent hemodialysis twice in this period. Emerging from the hospital, PM Oli said in a reassuring tone that he is all right. But during the two days when the PM was undergoing treatment larger public concern, including that of the media, was about PM’s office not informing the general public about the nature of ailment and the treatment he was administered. People were nearly kept in the dark about the health status of the head of the government. “What happened to the prime minister? Is the illness serious? Why does not the government update the people with regular health status?” People asked in the social media. Part of such response was triggered by rather conflicting and confusing statements coming from advisors of the prime minister. Earlier it was said that PM was in the hospital for a “regular check up.” PM’s press advisor would say the PM is all right and he would return home soon after, then the hospital administration would inform otherwise. It is good that PM has regained his health and reportedly has no problem in governing. We hope the PM will recover early and will be able to get back to work actively.

Limitations of liberty

November 3, 2019 01:00 am

“Hami Yestai Ta Ho Ni Bro.” When this “rap” music video first came out, I was immediately dissuaded to see it. I have never been an avid fan of the genre and particularly not of the artist, “Vten”. But when I did finally see it, after the chatter it caused on social media—I did not enjoy it, but this wasn’t new. Most of the “rap music” Nepali “rappers” produce repulse everyone. I did not, however, see a case to arrest him, on any charges that I, at the time, knew of.