KATHMANDU, Sept 17: Conflict victims have urged the government to replace the existing recommendation committee formed to suggest commissioners for the transitional justice (TJ) bodies or suspend its work "if the TJ process is to be pushed ahead".

KATHMANDU, Sept 13: In a bid to bring the derailed transitional justice (TJ) process back on track, the government is weighing two options — appointing office-bearers to two TJ bodies and finalize the disputed TJ draft bills by consulting with stakeholders simultaneously - so that the conflict victims could own up the process.

KATHMANDU, Sept 9: Despite strong warnings by several quarters including key stakeholders, the conflict victims, against recommending the past commissioners and controversial individuals to the transitional justice (TJ) bodies, the committee formed to recommend commissioners for the bodies is set to make public its nominees this week.

KATHMANDU, Sept 7:  Conflict victims have warned that they may stay away from the transitional justice (TJ)  process if former commissioners who were earlier ‘removed’ from their positions for failing to resolve conflict-era cases or controversial people are appointed to the TJ bodies.

ROLPA, Aug 13: A week-long free health camp organized by the provincial government targeting people who became physically disabled during the Maoist insurgency has ended before the conflict victims could visit the camp.

KATHMANDU, Aug 10: Conflict victims have sought a time-bound work plan to resolve the long-pending conflict-era cases of human rights violation before the names of prospective candidates for commissioners of the two transitional justice (TJ) bodies are recommended.

ROLPA, July 3: Four years ago, assuring the locals of the confidentiality and secrecy of the details, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons (CIEDP) collected complaints from the families of those killed and disappeared in the conflict era. However, as the authorities have done nothing much over these past four years, the victims' families wonder where and in what state the files of their complaints are.

KATHMANDU, April 29: A section of conflict victims and civil society members staged demonstration in the capital on Monday demanding a credible transitional justice in Nepal.

KATHMANDU, April 13: The members of two crucial transitional justice (TJ) bodies spent nearly Rs 460 million during their four years plus stay in office. But justice for the conflict victims still remains illusive.

ROLPA, March 3: Even though it has been more than 12 years since the decade-long Maoist conflict ended, the conflict-era victims are yet to know why their family members and relatives were abducted and killed.

KATHMANDU, Feb 11: Rights bodies and conflict victims have urged the government to begin consultations on transitional justice-related law and appoint competent professionals to fill the leadership void in Transitional Justice bodies without further delay.

Conflict victim’s new body formed

January 27, 2019 10:58 am

KATHMANDU, Jan 27: A group of dissident conflict victims on Saturday formed the Conflict Victims' National Alliance for Justice (CVNAJ). A meeting of the conflict victims gathered from across the country has named Geeta Rasaili as the head of CVNAJ.

KATHMANDU, Jan 26: Two weeks before the expiry of the terms of two crucial transitional justice (TJ) commissions, the government is preparing to hold nation-wide consultations with major stakeholders including conflict victims about the future the transitional justice process.

KATHMANDU, Jan 23: The Transitional Justice (TJ) bodies are likely to get yet another round of term extensions as these bodies have been unable to conclude investigations into conflict-era cases and ensure justice for the victims within the existing deadline.

Rift grows among conflict victims

December 25, 2018 06:58 am

KATHMANDU, Dec 25: Dismayed by recent moves to form a high-level mechanism for resolving conflict-era cases, a group of conflict victims has formed a separate organization,  further complicating the long-delayed transitional justice process.

KATHMANDU, Dec 15: Dismayed over ongoing efforts to mandate a high-level political mechanism to deal with the Maoist insurgency-era cases, a group of conflict victims, human rights activists and lawyers on Friday submitted a memorandum to Swiss Ambassador to Nepal, Elisabeth Bon Cappler.

KATHMANDU, Nov 28: Concerned over the recent developments with regard to the transitional justice process, a section of human rights activists and conflict victims on Tuesday submitted a position paper to UN’s Nepal Resident Coordinator Valerie Julliand seeking ‘adequate initiative from the UN agencies on the matter.

KATMANDU, Nov 24: Rift among conflict victims has widened with two groups coming up with separate approaches to resolving the protracted quest for transitional justice.

KATHMANDU, Nov 22: A two-day national conference of conflict victims on transitional justice ended on Wednesday, calling for meaningful participation of the conflict victims themselves in the overall transitional justice process and related mechanisms.

KATHMANDU, Nov 19: Conflict victims and human rights activists are sharply divided over a proposed political process to conclude transitional justice process.

BANKE, Sept 22: Nineteen years have gone by since Khinumaya Pathak of Banke has been desperately waiting to know the status of her missing husband.