MALANGWA, Dec 23: Normal life in the Terai including Sarlahi district has been badly affected due to thick fog and cold waves. Thick fog has blanketed the district from early morning today while the cold wave has also been reported.

LAMKI, Dec 14: Cold wave has started in western Terai including Kailali and Kanchanpur districts. Layers of thick fog have engulfed places like Lamki, Tikapur, Sukhad, Mahendranagar and other areas in the districts from early morning today (Wednesday).

RANJHA, Jan 6: Teaching and learning activities have been suspended in schools in Banke after the temperature went down.

JANAKPUR, Jan 5: Two people died in Dhanusha and Saptari due to the cold wave. The temperature has sharply dropped in the southern plains for the past couple of days.

BIRGUNJ, Jan 4: Three local units in Parsa district have closed schools due to increasing cold for a week. Recently, Thori and Dhobini rural municipalities closed schools till January 8.

KAILALI, Jan 12: Amid limited facilities and arrangements, locals of Kailali have found it very hard to cope with the chilly weather. The dipping temperature and cold wave have hit their daily routines. The locals are seen around fire lit at crossroads and market places even during the daytime.

NEPALGUNJ, Dec 31: Schools at the Nepalgunj sub-metropolis and Duduwa rural municipality in Banke have been closed for the next four days owing to increasing cold.

Jaleswor, Dec 30: Nepal Army (NA) has distributed relief to cold wave survivors in the bordering villages of Mahottari district. People here have been reeling under pain and are in a difficult plight due to the biting cold, in the district for the past 14 days.

Cold wave hits children hard in Banke

December 28, 2019 14:45 pm

NEPALGUNJ, Dec 28: With mercury dipping, the children from the economically backward community have been hit hard. The children staying in various brick kilns with their parents are suffering from common cold, pneumonia and so on due to cold wave in recent days.

Save people from cold

December 25, 2019 09:48 am

Nepal’s Tarai plains have always suffered—from floods and inundation during the rainy months, from heat wave during summer and from cold wave during winter months. In almost all the cases people from the low-income bracket—such as Dalits and marginalized communities—have to bear the brunt.  It is no different this winter.

Tarai cold wave hits Dalits hard

December 24, 2019 08:33 am

SAPTARI, Dec 24: Dipping temperature and cold wave have affected normal life in the tarai districts. Several schools have declared holiday while flow of patients at hospitals has remarkably increased. According to the district education office, over 102 schools have been shut down due to excessive cold.

LAHAN, Dec 17: Cold wave has crippled people's daily life in various districts of Province 2.

BIRGUNJ, Dec 14: Parts of the tarai districts including Sarlahi, Bara, Parsa and Rautahat remained 'dark' in the day time on Friday leaving people quite worried. There was a slight downpour and cold wave as well. Locally termed as 'Meghauni' (apparent darkness in the day time due to heavy clouds), people anticipate worse weather ahead.

Prime Minister KP Oli, speaking at a function organized in Kathmandu on January 30 for the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation and Bharatpur Metropolitan City to construct an international cricket stadium in Chitwan, said: “This winter, no one will freeze to death, we will not allow that to happen. The days of cold wave are over now. No one died of cold wave [this year] because we have dispatched enough blankets and distributed to the needy. We were prepared beforehand and provisioned enough firewood and blankets.”