Amazon is closing all of its brick-and-mortar bookstores, as well as its 4-star shops and pop up locations, as the online retail behemoth reworks its physical footprint.

WONSAN, North Korea, May 22:  A small group of foreign journalists arrived in North Korea on Tuesday to cover the dismantling of the country’s nuclear test site later this week, but without South Korean media initially also scheduled to participate.

Demand for closing limestone factory

March 23, 2018 15:39 pm

CHITWAN, Mar 23: People of Kolar at Kalika Municipality-9 in Chitwan have called for closing the limestone factory based in their locality, citing possibility of its adverse effects on their territory and threat to their overall life.

PYEONGCHANG, South Korea,  Feb 25: A North Korean delegation led by a controversial former general arrived in South Korea to attend Sunday’s closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and hold meetings with top South Korean officials.

Climate Change is closing in on us

February 4, 2018 09:04 am

The country experienced one of the most intense rainfalls which led to flooding in the monsoon season this year. 37 out of 75 districts of our country were severely affected by the flooding. It consumed the life of 143 innocent people and many other livestock and wild animals. 91,400 families had been displaced from their home. Communities from different villages of the tarai belt remained inaccessible by road.

Closing the gap

January 24, 2018 00:30 am

We need more women in technology sector but we also need to refocus energy on improving gender equality in global economy

LONDON, August 15: English Premier League clubs are set to discuss whether to shut the transfer window before the start of the 2018-19 season when they meet next month, British media have reported.

WASHINGTON, July 6: The United States warned Wednesday that North Korea was "quickly closing off" the prospect of a diplomatic resolution to its provocations, as the Trump administration launched a government-wide effort to identify options for confronting Pyongyang following its unprecedented intercontinental ballistic missile launch.

KATHMANDU, Sept 7: Economics and experts have said that a huge gap between financial resources and needs of various provinces will be one of the major challenges when the country embraces federal setup.