KATHMANDU, August 12: A study has found that the nationwide lockdown has taken its toll in institutional childbirth, stillbirth and neonatal mortality and quality of care in Nepal.

Your baby’s first year

February 29, 2020 10:08 am

Now that you have finally survived long days of pregnancy, and painful childbirth, you are officially parents.  You find out, your baby has already received the first dose of vaccine. Babies typically receive the first dose of the Hepatitis b vaccine at birth. Congratulation, you are now ready to experience your baby’s eventful first year.   Be prepared to face the challenge of sleepless nights, diaper changing, and regulating feeding times.

Saving women from deaths

January 8, 2020 08:31 am

Every year over a quarter of a million pregnant women and girls lose their lives and another 10-15 million suffer permanent damages every day as a result of childbirth and pregnancy complications. Pregnancy is becoming one of the scariest and risky phases that a woman has to go through. Being pregnant should be a beautiful experience and not a matter of life and death. But for too many women around the world, it is. Nearly all of these deaths are preventable because they are a result of hemorrhages, sepsis, hypertensive disorders (particularly eclampsia), pro- longed or obstructed labor and unsafe abortions.

BAJURA, Aug 25: A woman dies during childbirth at the district hospital, Bajura. Basanti Nepali of Badimalika municipality-7 died from excessive bleeding, said doctors.

Feb 4: According to new research, women are at the highest risk of breast cancer, more than two decades after having given birth. This finding comes along with another in a separate study that reveals that breast cancers occurring after childbirth are more likely to spread compared to breast cancers in women who never had children.