RUKUM, Jan 17: Banfikot Rural Municipality of Rukkum (West) has a long tradition of bidding farewell to Maghe Sankranti festival by organizing a marriage ceremony of two children from different villages.

OKHALDHUNGA, Jan 5: Police have arrested two minors in Okhaldhunga on the charge of practicing child marriage.

Respect Ruvimbo Topodzi was 15 and walking home from school in her native Zimbabwe when a 22-year-old man asked her out. She turned him down but it was too late.

JUBA, Nov 25: After coming face to face with "unpredictable" gun-waving children almost 25 years ago, the former commander of the failed U.N. peacekeeping mission during the Rwandan genocide dedicated his life to eliminating the use of children as weapons of war.

Call to end child marriage

November 18, 2018 04:30 am

KATHMANDU, Nov 18: Hundreds of child rights activists and students marched in Kathmandu on Saturday demanding an end to child marriage and implementation of child rights as enshrined in the constitution.