Int'l conference against chhau practice

February 24, 2020 09:01 am

KATHMANDU, Feb 24: The Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens is organizing an international conference in Kathmandu from May 26 to 28 with the aim of ending chhaupadi practice, under which women are banished to sheds (chau) during their monthly period.

BAJHANG, Feb 12: After dismantling over 70 chhausheds (menstruation sheds) and yet not being able to quite make a difference in terms of discouraging the chhau culture, the local administration has 'realized' that the biggest obstruction is the elderly people. While police and some young locals have jointly been carrying out chhaushed-free campaigns for the last few weeks, senior family members have simply been found to have forced women and girls to continue to live in isolation during menstruation.

JUMLA, Jan 19: After the local administration launched a campaign to make the district free of Chhaupadi sheds (menstruation sheds), the region's shamans, too, have started supporting the movement against the "bad practice". They are also against Chhaupadi, which the government has already declared as a bad practice.

KATHMANDU, Mar 7: The Women and Social Committee of the Federal Parliament has issued a five-point directive to the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens for minimizing ill practices and harmful traditions.