The Byawastha-Awastha Hypothesis

April 27, 2023 09:00 am

There is a simmering debate in Nepali politics that in spite of so much change in the political system (byawastha), there is little or no change in the living conditions (awastha) of the masses. This is what I call the Byawastha-Awastha hypothesis.

Consumer behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic has been dominated by several factors like buying motivation, market trends, consumer living standards, lifestyles etc. Every consumer's buying and consuming patterns differ in each geographic and demographic segment of Nepal.

Media for change

January 30, 2020 08:06 am

Marshall McLuhan, the mid-20th century media visionary, whose statement “medium is the message” has been frequently quoted in the realm of media studies, predicted that people would be allured to using media as the major content than the content itself. In his book The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man, McLuhan writes: “In fact, all man-made material things can be treated as extensions of what man once did with his body or some specialized part of his body.” His expression implies that human beings tend to envision and produce new technologies relevant and necessary for their times.

Retraining your mind

September 6, 2019 07:25 am

My father-in-law smoked for 30 years until one day he decided to quit cold turkey. He hasn’t touched a cigarette for two years now. A friend of mine loves Indian sweets but it’s been six months that she hasn’t had a gulab jamun. She wants to eventually give up sugar and that’s how she has decided to start. My mother has been exercising without a break for over 20 years. It doesn’t matter if she’s not feeling well, she will do something or the other to stretch her muscles, even if she can’t do a rigorous workout.

The basic flow of the story goes from introducing the topic and exploring the extent of modernism through a philosophical view. Ancient art is analyzed and compared to as regards to modern art and different connections are brought forth. Art primarily is a form of expression of one and their surroundings as well as of themselves. Culture plays a major role in the environment of societies which Bajracharya has described to have been made a clear vision and revelation through the expression of art. There is a description of art institutions and their changes with a new look at art being introduced to the academic sector of art.

Let's Write

June 24, 2019 12:05 pm

The other day, we were having a discussion on how writing is a mental exercise, and how it should be carried out more frequently in each stage of our lives.

‘Changes in Panauti’ is set to start from Thursday at Dhalko Bato, Pulchowk. The event is organized by Alliance Française Kathmandu.

July 5: Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is associated with changes to the structure of the brain that are also seen in the early stages of dementia, according to a study published in theEuropean Respiratory Journal [1].

MOSCOW, July 3: Gareth Southgate is set to make nine changes to his side for England's crunch World Cup last-16 clash with Colombia.

A human virus that causes a rare form of leukemia increases the risk of disease by changing the way DNA loops inside our cells.

WASHINGTON, June 18: The emotional debate over separating immigrant parents and their children at the nation's southern border is getting some strong comments from first ladies — past and present — who want the practice changed.

Hypothyroidism or lack of thyroid hormone production causes the body’s functions to slow down. People with this condition experience a slower metabolic rate and gain weight. On this World Thyroid Awareness Day, observed on May 25 every year, experts shares tips on how to treat hypothyroidism.

KATHMANDU, Apr 20: The Special General Assembly (SGA) of the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) held in Kathmandu on Thursday has passed its statute without making any changes in the version earlier amended and endorsed by the advisory group of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

GULMI, Feb 16: President Bidya Devi Bhandari has said that education is the catalyst that brings changes in the society.

KATHMANDU, Dec 18: Chief Justice Gopal Parajuli said  Monday that the functioning of the judiciary would not be affected by political changes such as change of government or other such developments.

Katy Perry says she’s pushing back the start of her new tour because of 'unavoidable production delays.'

KATHMANDU: A Seminar on ‘Long Distance Migration and Environmental Changes in Nepal’ began on Friday at Hotel Yellow Pagoda, Jamal. The workshop was hosted by German Nepal Academic Association (NEGAAS), a non-profit organization established by the Nepali academicians trained in Germany, and financially supported by the Germany Academic Association (DAAD).

KATHMANDU, July 21: Senior leaders of various major political parties have pointed out the need for formulating appropriate policy measures to seize the benefits from the economic prosperity achieved by China.

BAITADI, July 11: Farmers of Surnaya Rural Municipality in Baitadi have started commercial goat farming. Each family in Surnaya-6 has 10 to 30 goats in their pen.

SINDHUPALCHOWK, July 11: Thirty eight years old Punu Tamang of Lisankhu, Pakhar-5, Jethal, was a simple laborer as early as five months ago. She used to work as a rug designer for an entrepreneur for a limited wage. The owner used to take all the profits while she received only a little amount.

BAITADI, July 11: Farmers of Surnaya Rural Municipality in Baitadi have started commercial goat farming. Each family in Surnaya-6 has 10 to 30 goats in their pen.

LONDON, May 6: Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho will rejig his starting lineup for Sunday's Premier League trip to Arsenal following his team's Europa League semi-final against Celta Vigo.

Tennis star Serena Williams could take a pass on Wimbledon if physical changes from her pregnancy such as balance and blood flow affect her preparation and performance, researchers who study pregnancy in high-performing athletes said.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump agreed to add fresh Medicaid curbs to the House Republican health care bill Friday, bolstering the measure with support from some conservative lawmakers but leaving its prospects wobbly. House leaders discussed other amendments calibrated to round up votes and scheduled a showdown vote Thursday.

SAO PAULO (AP) — A transport strike snarled traffic in Brazil's biggest city and demonstrators broke into the Finance Ministry in the capital Wednesday as people protested across the country against proposed changes to work rules and pensions.

KATHMANDU, Feb 26: CPN (Maoist Center) lawmaker Top Bahadur Rayamajhi and three Nepali Congress lawmakers - namely Amar Singh Pun, Chandra Bhandari and Dhanaraj Gurung -- registered a proposal to make change on the constitution amendment bill on Sunday.

You’re in a groove at work and everything feels about as normal as it could and then suddenly, you find out that your list of responsibilities is changing dramatically.

KATHMANDU, Jan 5: The Department of Transport Management, Ekantakuna, Bagmati, has changed its layout for the practical test for driving licenses.

KATHMANDU, Jan 4: The main opposition CPN-UML has proposed withdrawing the proposal concerning provincial boundary revisions from the constitution amendment bill in order to find a consensus among the major political parties.

MYAGDI, Jan 4: Beekeeping has worked wonders for Govinda Khatri, a farmer from Moulathar in Kuhu-3 of Myagdi district.

Infographics: Best company name changes

December 17, 2016 00:05 am

Google wasn’t always “Google.” It once went by the name “BackRub.” Best Buy went by the name, “Sound of Music.”​Check out’s infographic below to find out which major companies underwent name changes.

Changes felt in daily life

December 10, 2016 11:02 am

KATHMANDU, Dec 10: No load-shedding for a month has had a number of positive impacts in the lives of people, and industries and businesses have also felt relief from having to spend about three times more on diesel-produced electricity.

KATHMANDU, Dec 2: India has been a dominant force in the South Asian football, winning the SAFF Championship for  record times in both men's and women's football.

JUMLA, Oct 18: Gone are the days when Lal Bhadur Buda from Pansaya of Malika Thanta used to walk a whole day to go to Khalanga just to make a call to his son, who was studying in Surkhet.

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct 10:  Samsung's crisis with its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone hit a new low on Monday as the company confirmed that it has made changes to its production of the problem phones to ensure safety.

KATHMANDU, Sept 11: The Supreme Court (SC) on Sunday asked the government to furnish reasons for changing morphology rules (arrangement of letters) of Nepali language.

Lifestyle changes for weight loss

September 9, 2016 00:00 am

KATHMANDU. Sept 9: All of us want to lose weight and we all embark on carefully laid out workout plans every once in a while but then again, we all stumble and fall.

CTEVT changes admission standards

July 8, 2016 13:44 pm

BHAKTAPUR, July 8: The meeting of the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) National Examination Board today has changed the criteria for the enrollment of the students in the vocational subjects of the diploma course.