KATHMANDU/ JAJARKOT, June 24: Wrapped in a dull white shawl and faded blue petticoat, Sunita Sunar, 19, looked rather emotionless when surrounded by a bunch of media persons and human rights activists at her home in Jajarkot in the afternoon of June 9. Unaware of the gloomy air around, her daughter Eliza tried to draw the attention of her mother every now and then. Eliza, 2, has been told that her father is going to come back soon. Tikaram Sunar won’t be back to meet his family again; he is one among six to lose life in the barbaric Rukum incident.

For Dalits, love is forbidden

June 11, 2020 13:07 pm

Have you ever heard a Brahmin man murdered for marrying a Dalit woman? At least, I have not. Love is blind, it is said. But I say love has eyes of caste, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, wealth, and geography. The provision of the constitution that all adults, irrespective of their gender and caste, can choose their partners sounds like a false promise.

RUKUM/ BIRENDRANAGAR, May 26: Last year, an athletics event was organized at Chaurjahari Municipality in West Rukum. Nabaraj BK, 19, a resident of Bheri Municipality-4, had also participated in the event.

KATHMANDU, Sept 3: A Bill aimed to make the act against the caste-based discrimination and untouchability compatible with time and more effective has been presented before the House.