No students should be taught that Tharu people are farmers and Newars live only in the Kathmandu Valley. No students should be mocked for not knowing their caste.

Society, People and Social Taboo

June 15, 2020 16:47 pm

Are we God? Are we a super human being having a supernatural power? Or Are we educated fools?

Stronger than ever

December 20, 2019 10:01 am

Being the subject of discussion on a Facebook post of someone I didn’t even know too well was amusing at first but it quickly became a source of much anguish and hurt when people took to name calling and caste discrimination.

PYUTHAN, March 24: Caste-based discrimination is still widely prevalent in the remote areas of Nepal. The so-called 'high caste' people still refuse to consume anything touched by the Dalits. A large number of people in our society are discriminated, suppressed and ostracized by society for belonging to certain castes. They are regarded as 'impure' and 'untouchable'.

Judging by caste

March 6, 2019 01:00 am

Caste remains a primary criterion to judge the manner, competency and beauty in Nepal. I am talented, good mannered and beautiful until I disclose my caste


December 22, 2018 18:40 pm

Week in pictures from December 16- December 22

RUPANDEHI, Aug 18:   After being elected to the local government, the people’s representatives made one big announcement and that was to end caste-based discrimination in order to make Butwal ‘a city of humanity’. But in reality, caste-based discrimination is so pervasive here that even the elected representatives who happen to be Dalits are victims of cast-based discrimination.

BAJHANG, Aug 6: Mangal Aauji of Masta Rural Municipality - 1 still remembers several bitter incidences from his childhood, where he was discriminated on the basis of his caste. He remembers how people belonging to the so-called higher caste would treat him lowly but he would fail to understand for doing so.

TIKAPUR, May 15: Ramesh Badi of Lamkichuha Municipality – 3 was extremely worried about his son’s health. Doctors had declared that his son suffered from brain tumor and that his family might not able to afford his treatment. The landless family, which had been living a kind of nomadic life along with other Badi people in a jungle side, gave up hope. However, ‘god’ appeared to help him one day, he says.

Caste discrimination stronger in Nepal

August 15, 2016 00:25 am

Sukhadeo Thorat, Professor Emeritus at Jawaharlal Nehru University since 2014, is the chairman of the Indian Council of Social Science Research. He also served as Director of Indian Institute of Dalit Studies. Republica’s Kamal Pariyar caught up with Thorat while he was in Kathmandu to participate in Darnal Award for Social Justice and other lectures.