Look for physical marks such as unexplained bruises, scratches, broken bones, and healing wounds. Be alert when your child fears going to school or joining school events.

Health effects of Bullying

January 20, 2020 10:19 am

Victims are likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. They may potentially choose to go down the wrong path of alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide as a coping mechanism.'

When the bully is the boss

August 25, 2019 02:05 am

When I went to my friend’s house recently, I noticed a big fish tank with colorful, vibrant and active fish. It was breathtaking to see the bright colored plants along the unique assortment of fish swimming around. I then observed a fish relatively smaller in size sitting for quite some time near some bushy plants in the tank. Only when the food was dropped, the small fish would dart out to quickly get at the food and then quickly hurry its way back to hide behind the plant. I finally noticed what it was so afraid of—whenever the small fish came out for food one of the bigger fish would chase it away.

Won’t watch my words

March 15, 2019 08:52 am

The internet is a scary place, addictive yes, but scary nonetheless. And much is talked about ‘political correctness’ but at the same time issues such as homophobia, bullying, revenge porn, racism are just as widespread. Now, I, by no means, would consider myself an expert on sociology, psychology or politics but I do have in myself a reasoning capability granted by biology and so I have my doubts when it comes to being politically correct.

Against bullying

October 30, 2017 01:00 am

I was of slight build, had squeaky voice, and was sensitive and non-athletic, reasons enough for my classmates to bully me.

Not everyone gets to have a picture-perfect high school experience. Few among us suffer at the hands of bullies, which affects us on an emotional and psychological level. While suggestions like “man up” and “let it go” are easy to give, the bitter recollection of being harassed at school is not something children can easily forget. Memories of being harassed by classmates and teachers persist and tend to impact our adult lives.

Bullying in schools

June 9, 2017 08:39 am

Bullying is about a student gaining strength from fear, acting like the boss, scaring the students and at times hurting them. Students are bullied by being called bad names, being threatened, not having friends, because of their race or color.

I had a hard time at school. I can’t look back at my school days without being sad. I was bullied both by my seniors and by my classmates. I used to be called names and get threats by my seniors. They used to make fun of me, call me fat and ugly.

LOS ANGELES, Dec 11: Singer Madonna has slammed Hollywood for "blatant sexism and misogyny and constant bullying" even as she accepted a Billboard award.

Combating bullying

November 5, 2016 00:15 am

Students should be taught that they should not tolerate any form of aggressive behavior and harassment in schools and the community

Bullying among school children

July 9, 2016 10:25 am

Bullying is a repetitive, aggressive act of abusing others because of power imbalance. It is a behavioural problem and can take various forms like verbal, physical, emotional and cyber bullying.