Not the same anymore (Photo Story)

April 18, 2023 19:30 pm

Not The Same Anymore depicts the story of how my hometown, Bhaktapur, became a victim of unplanned urbanization. Once the city of farmers and their fields, my hometown has now changed into a hive of brick kilns and plotting of land. With rapid population growth and commercialization, the city I once knew has been completely transformed and I believe that after 10 years maybe this place will be nothing but a concrete jungle.

TULSIPUR, Feb 20: Brick kilns in Tulsipur Sub-metropolis of Dang are found employing child labor. It has been found that there are around 350 child laborers working in the brick industries within the sub-metropolis.

CHITWAN, Jan 28: Almost 40 percent of brick kilns operating across the country have been shut down due to the effects of COVID-19. The brick industries have come to a closure for not being able to bring skilled Indian workers because of the prevalence of life-threatening coronavirus.

KATHMANDU, May 3: As many as 600 people die every year due to the pollution arising from the brick kilns in Nepal and the associated Disability Adjusted life years (DALYs) are roughly 4,800, a study shows.

BHAKTAPUR, Jan 18: Unseasonal rains damaged bricks worth Rs 50 million in various brick kilns in Bhaktapur.

KATHMANDU, Oct 25: Local people on Friday staged a sit-in at the municipal office of Chandragiri municipality demanding the immediate removal of all the brick kilns operated in Chandragiri and Kirtipur municipalities.