One of the primary factors driving Nepali students to study abroad is the limited availability of higher education opportunities within the country. Nepal has a limited number of universities and colleges, resulting in intense competition for admission.

Addressing Nepal's Brain Drain

July 24, 2023 07:30 am

In recent years, Nepal has been facing a grave challenge as a growing number of students choose to pursue higher education abroad, leaving their homeland in search of better opportunities. This alarming trend necessitates immediate attention from the government to take proactive measures in retaining talented individuals within the country and fostering an environment that encourages growth and innovation.

In a worrying development, it has been revealed that over 740,000 individuals obtained permits for foreign employment in just 11 months of the current fiscal year. This staggering number not only highlights the increasing trend of Nepali migrant workers seeking opportunities abroad but also points to a growing disenchantment among the country's youth.

Trump’s brain drain

January 17, 2019 01:30 am

The unwelcoming atmosphere—epitomized by Trump’s notorious travel ban—is deterring a growing number of first-rate students from pursuing higher education in the US