NAWALPARASI, Oct 11: A model birthing centre has been brought into operation at Sunawal Municipality of west Nawalparasi. The birthing center with better facilities was brought into operation with the financial support from Sunawal Municipality.

ILAM, March 3: Local social workers donated three ropanis land worth amounting to Rs 600,000 for the construction of birthing centre building of health post in Rong rural municipality-2.

JUMLA, Dec 14: Raju Rokaya has two children. Both were born at home. A resident of the Tila Rural Municipality, she states that having delivery services nearby remains a far-fetched dream for the people like her. “We don’t have even a health post here, let alone birthing centers,” she said.

KATHMANDU, May 12: A study on a rural birthing center of Rukum district shows that women in the area are not making use of the center because of irregular and poor service delivery, compounded by geographical difficulties.

JUMLA, Jan 28: Following her labor pain eight months ago, Bachu Rawat, 20, of Malikabota village of Jumla was taken to a local birthing center for delivery. Although she was admitted to the center, it could not provide necessary treatment.

As per the record at District Public Health Office (DPHO), there are around 1,500 pregnant women in the district currently. Pregnant women are sent message during fourth, sixth, eighth and ninth month of pregnancy.