SURKHET, Sept 13: Whenever locals of Bheriganga Municipality-1 in Surkhet need to reach the district headquarters, they always have to undertake a perilous journey across the Bheri River. As there is no bridge over the river, they are forced to risk their lives using inflated rubber tubes to cross the river.

SURKHET, July 24: Construction work on the tunne of the Bheri-Babai Diversion Multipurpose has completed is fifty percent complete, the project office said on Monday. Designated as a national pride projects, it took nine months for the project to bore six of the total 12 kilometers long tunnel. While sharing the update, project officials said that they expect to complete the project on time.

RUKUM, Dec 4: Work on a bridge at Garaghat over the Sani Bheri River that connects Musikot Municipality-1 and Bafikot Rural Municipality-10 has come to a halt for the past eight months

SURKHET, August 20: The local residents of two villages in Panchapuri municipality located in the western part of Surkhet have fallen ill from a viral fever.

Youth goes missing in Bheri River

April 19, 2017 17:37 pm

JAJARKOT, April 19: A youth went missing in the Bheri River. Sharan Pun, 27, of Chhedagada Municipality-1 had gone to fish in the river to catch fish.

KATHMANDU, Jan 24: Ministry of Irrigation is preparing to transfer the budget allocated for Bheri Babai Diversion Multi Purpose Project to fund petty projects in election constituencies of home and irrigation ministers in Dhanusha and Dang, respectively, officials privy to the issue say.

NEPALGANJ, Oct 29: Bheri Zonal Hospital of Nepalgunj has been discharging sewage and septic tank contents into the city's open dumps, resulting in strong and unbearable stench in the surrounding areas, according to the locals.

Garbage piled up in Bheri Hospital

September 8, 2016 00:50 am

NEPALGUNJ, Sept 8: Bheri Zonal Hospital, the biggest government hospital in Bheri zone, is spreading disease instead of curing it. That is what the patients and visitors say as piles of unattended garbage continue to trouble them.