KATHMANDU, Feb 6: From now on, the parliament will make public the daily attendance of the members of the House of Representatives (HoR).

MUKTI PRASAD NEUPANEPALPA, June 22The mid-day meal program meant for the children of underprivileged and marginalized communities has proved to be effective in Ribdikot Rural Municipality-1.

SARLAHI, June 20: Dilliram Bhattarai, principal of Janata Adharbhut Vidyalaya of Hariban-8 had a huge headache. No matter how much he would request teachers to come to school on time, they would not heed him.

HUMLA, July 30: After introducing multimedia classes instead of day-to-day lecture, Maandhara Higher Secondary School (MHSS) of Kharpunath Rural Municipality has seen an increase in attendance of students.