KATHMANDU, April 21: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has announced that more than a dozen laws are set for amendments  through ordinances.

KATHMANDU, April 20: Despite the private sector’s recommendations to amend about two dozen laws to promote both foreign and domestic investment in the country, the government has yet to make any amendments. With only nine days remaining for the start of the Nepal Investment Summit-2024, where the government aims to attract foreign investment, the private sector is worried due to the absence of legal reforms.

KATHMANDU, April 14: The Ministry of Finance has pursued a policy of budget transfer, program amendments, and scaling up expenditures from the budget allocated under the 'miscellaneous' heading.

KATHMANDU, Feb 16: The Election Commission (EC) has directed the political parties to inform the election body if they have made any changes and amendments to their names, statutes, rules, stamps, flags and symbols as well as changes in their office-bearers, within the next 30 days.

KATHMANDU, Feb 2: Nepal Education Board (NEB) has announced a provision for students seeking corrections in their educational certificates, specifically about names, ages and castes.

KATHMANDU, Aug 24: Voices of the conflict victims have grown louder as they caution against the passage of a transitional justice bill that threatens to compromise the justice system by granting amnesty to perpetrators. They call for the swift amendment to the Transitional Justice Bill to align with the directives of the Supreme Court and international human rights standards.

KATHMANDU, July 11: The government recently made amendments to the Vehicle and Traffic Management Regulations 2054 BS. These regulations have been revised and updated, now known as the Vehicle and Traffic Management Regulations 2080 BS.

KATHMANDU, April 3: The meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR) has passed amendments to the Rules of the House of Representatives 2079 BS with majority of votes.

DUBAI, Jan 31: The United Arab Emirates has adopted amendments that would allow the Gulf state to grant citizenship to investors and other professionals including scientists, doctors and their families, the government said on Saturday.

KATHMANDU, June 9: In a rare occurrence in parliamentary practice, lawmakers have registered amendment proposals to a disputed advertisement-related bill without getting updated on the already revised provisions of the bill.

KATHMANDU, Jan 21: A report titled the Status of Media Freedom in Nepal, which was unveiled in the capital on Sunday, has demanded amendments to the provisions in the new Criminal Code that curtail media freedom.

KATHMANDU, Nov 19: A sub-committee under the Education and Health Committee of the House of Representatives (HoR) is to start clause-wise discussions on the proposals for amendments to the National Medical Education Bill in its meeting being held on November 25.

30 amendments in three bills

September 23, 2017 13:17 pm

KATHMANDU, Sept 23: As many as 65 lawmakers have registered amendments over the 30 points of the three bills: 'Bill Related to Election of the President and the Vice-President-2074 BS and bill related to 'Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Bill-2074 BS'.

KATHMANDU, July 23: International Cricket Council (ICC) has expressed positive intuitions on the progress made by advisory committee regarding the reinstatement of Nepal’s membership as an associate.

KATHMANDU, Feb 23: Parliament has decided to provide 72 hours to lawmakers to register further amendments on the Constitution Amendment Bill tabled in the House.

Want a provision to ban protest, strikes in SEZ, among others, inserted