ACHHAM, April 15: Two minors were killed in a fire in Mellekh Rural Municipality, Achham, at around 10 AM today.

DHANGADHI, March 25: Four people died in a tractor accident in Achham.

ACHHAM, Jan 3: Stakeholders have drawn the attention of the government demanding the speedy completion of the reconstruction of the Mangalsen Palace of Achham. The palace was damaged during the armed conflict.

13 injured in jeep accident in Achham

December 19, 2023 15:19 pm

ACHHAM, Dec 19: At least 13 people were injured in a jeep accident in Thulasain Mangalsen Municipality-6, Achham. The accident took place on the Mid-hill Highway.

ACHHAM, Sept 28: Ramaroshan, a tourist destination in Achham, is full of tourists from various 46 countries. The tourists have reached here under a group called World Rainbow Family to visit Ramaroshan for three months.

Achham Landslides: Death toll reaches 22

September 18, 2022 10:52 am

ACHHAM, Sept 18: The death toll in Achham landslides has reached 22. As many as 22 dead bodies were recovered from the landslides that occurred at Kamalbazaar Municipality, and Turmakhand and Dhakari rural municipalities, according to the District Police Office, Achham.

KATHMANDU, August 25: Achham police have arrested two women who physically assaulted their mother-in-law. A video of beating up Jaisara Neupane, 50, of Panchdewal Vinayak Municipality-6 was released on social media. The police said that the daughters-in-law involved in the beating were arrested.

KATHMANDU, July 25: Three people died when a house was washed away by a landslide in Achham. The deceased belonged to the same family.

DOTI, July 6: With the success to achieve more than 95 percent literacy rate, Achham district has been declared the fully literate district on Monday.

MAKWANPUR, Dec 16: Two people died while five others were injured in three different accidents in Makawanpur.

KATHMANDU, Aug 19: A massive flood triggered by incessant rainfall has swept away Saini Bazar of Ramaroshan Rural Municipality-5 in remote Achham district on Wednesday, leaving over two dozen people missing.

Jailbird found dead in Achham

February 18, 2020 12:20 pm

ACHHAM, Feb 18: A Jailbird has been found dead at District Jail. Jitendra BK, 42, of Panchadewal-Binayak municipality-6, who had been serving time on the murder conviction, was found dead inside the prison.

Ward chair found dead in Achham

February 4, 2020 13:06 pm

ACHHAM, Feb 4: Ward chair of Panchadeval Binayak municipality-2 in Achham, Padam Bahadur Dhami, has been found dead. His lifeless body was retrieved in a cowshed this morning. The incident site is 30 minutes' walk from the Binayak Bazaar.

KATHMANDU, Dec 15: In the aftermath of the first menstrual death arrest in Achham, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has instructed all stakeholders concerned in the Chhaupadi practicing districts to enforce the criminal code that criminalizes Chhaupadi.

Two boys die  after drowning in pothole

September 7, 2019 15:15 pm

ACHHAM, Sept 7: Two boys died after drowning in a pit full of water in Achham on Saturday morning.

Acham mishap kills two

August 30, 2019 19:45 pm

ACHHAM, Aug 30: Two persons died and five other sustained injuries in a jeep accident in Mellekh rural municipality-2, Nandegada, Achham.

Three killed in jeep accident

August 22, 2019 10:41 am

ACHHAM, Aug 22: At least three people died and other three were injured in a jeep accident that took place at Bannigadhi Jayagadh rural municipality-5, Sukibag in Achham last night.

ACHHAM, July 7: Cadres of outlawed Chand-led group have padlocked twelve ward offices in Achham on Sunday.

ACHHAM, June 27: Three students were killed and four others injured after a tractor trailer met with an accident in Kolgaira of Chaurpati Rural Municipality-3 of Achham on Wednesday morning.

ACHHAM, June 26: Three people were killed and four others were injured in a tractor accident occurred in Achham district on Wednesday morning.

ACHHAM, April 9: One person was killed while 16 others injured by lightning strikes in the district on Monday night, police said.

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ACHHAM, April 2: Fifteen people sustained injuries by lightning strikes in the district on Monday evening, the District Police Office Achham said.

Biplav-led group's four cadres held

March 27, 2019 11:34 am

DOTI, March 27: The District Police Office, Achham has arrested four leaders and cadres of the Netra Bikram Chand (Biplav)-led group.

BAJURA, Feb 6: After studying the prospects of poultry farming and animal husbandry, the Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Center, Bajura has made a decision to develop Bajura and Achham as the pocket areas.

ACHHAM, Jan 16: With an aim to preserve and promote their culture, various indigenous groups on Tuesday performed shows at Baidyanath Dham of Sanfebagar Municipality of Achham coinciding with Makar Sakranti.

BAJURA, Dec 9: Two years ago, Shristi Sharma, 21, conceived while she was not married yet. She got extremely worried not knowing what to do. Her boyfriend, with whom she tied the nuptial knot last year, also could not think of any idea either. However, the couple finally decided to get an abortion.

ACHHAM, Dec 9: A few years ago, Sunadevi Rawal of Mellekh Rural Municipality-1, Rishidaha, milked her cow and cooked evening meal for her children in her periods. She knew that she has been prohibited to do so but still she took that major step, as she could not let her little children sleep on empty stomachs.

ACHHAM, Oct 15: Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has started regular commercial flight to Sanfebagar airport of Achham, a hilly district of far-western region, from Sunday.

ACHHAM, June 16: Shova Devi Kadayat of Sodhsha village in Achham district was living a happy life until a few years ago. The mother of five and her husband used to work hand-in-hand for the bright future of their children. Even though life was not lavish, managing a decent living was not a huge challenge. Five years ago, everything changed. She lost her husband to excessive consumption of liquor. The entire financial burden of her family befell on her. The children’s smooth schooling came to a halt with her eldest boy leaving for India for employment.

ACHHAM, April 7: A ten-month-old toddler died after being struck by lightning in Chaurpati Rural Municipality-3 in the district on Friday night.

ACHHAM, April 4: In order to end the traditional ill practice of Chhaupadi, women in Nandegada, Mellekh-7 of Achham have started demolishing the menstrual huts where they were compelled to stay during their periods.

ACHHAM, Mar 12: Migration from villages and towns of Achham for the last few decades has left many of the settlements deserted. Even palaces, which were considered posh back then, now are in ruins.

Two women killed in road mishap in Achham

February 25, 2018 12:37 pm

ACHHAM, Feb 25: Two women were killed in a road accident at Mujabagar of Ramarosan rural municipality-3 in Achham district this morning.

ACHHAM, Feb 5: Two persons died on the spot after being buried in a landslide in Achham district on Sunday.

ACHHAM, Feb 5: Travel has become easier on the Pushpalal (Mid-hills) Highway with the construction of a concrete bridge over the Karnali river which forms the border between Achham and Dailekh districts.

Woman in Achham dies in Chhaupadi shed

January 9, 2018 02:43 am

ACHHAM, Jan 9:  A twenty-two-year-old girl in Achham was found dead in a Chhaupadi hut as she was forced to spend the night away from home during her period as per the local tradition.

ACHHAM, Dec 15:  In the hope for a son, Radhika Kunwar of Nawathana gave birth to nine daughters one after another. After waiting for years, she couldn't be happier when she finally gave birth to a son as her tenth child. "Repeated pregnancy itself was a challenge to my health and raising so many daughters together was an added burden," she laments.

UML wins elections in Achham-1

December 10, 2017 19:52 pm

ACHHAM, Dec 10: CPN-UML candidate for Accham constituency-1 has been elected to the House of Representatives.

ACHHAM, Nov 26: Menstruating females are restricted using toilets in Achham. Male and elder female members of villages in the district have decided to restrict females during menstruation and during post-delivery period using toilets.

ACHHAM, Oct 8: At least 400 households of Mellekh rural municipality in the district have been deprived of landownership certificates ever since their certificates were burnt down in an attack during the Maoist decade-long insurgency that started in 2052 B.S.

People's representatives of Achham

KATHMANDU, Dec 2: Prabhu Bank Ltd (PBL) has opened a new branch office at Kamalbazar of Accham district with the support from UKAid.

Janata Bank BLB service in Achham

October 3, 2016 22:25 pm

KATHMANDU, Oct 3: : Janata Bank Nepal Ltd, in association with UK Aid Access to Finance, has started branchless banking (BLB) services in Achham district.

ACHHAM, Aug 22: Achham is among the 10 districts with worst Human Develop Index. However, this can change pretty soon if the government does not further delay in exploiting its rich hydro power including the much discussed 900-megawatt Upper Karnali Hydropower Project (UKHP), stakeholders claim.