DARCHULA, May 19: A person, who was collecting Yarshagumba at Kunti of Byas Rural Municipality-1 in Darchula district, died after being hit with a stone that fell from the hill.

No yarshagumba picking this year

April 26, 2020 14:45 pm

BAJHANG, April 26: The local levels in Bajhang district have decided not to let people pick yarshagumba this year in the wake of lockdown enforced to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

DOLPA, July 5: Every year after mid-May, crowds of people throng Dolpa - the largest district of the country - in order to pick yarsagumba, a prized fungus with medicinal properties. Everyone seems to be in a rush to collect as many yarsa as possible to make more money.

DARCHULA, June 29: Collecting yarshagumba (a caterpillar fungus) is a major income source for the people of the high hills in western Nepal. In Darchula, the locals of five rural municipalities are fully dependent on yarsha collection for their living. Not only men and women but also school children and sometimes even pregnant women make it to the yarsha pockets in the mountainous zones for collecting yarsha.

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DOLPA, June 1:  Three people who had gone to pick the precious herb Yarshagumba died in Dolpa district in the past three days.

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DOLPA, May 17: Twenty smugglers were arrested from Yarsha Patan of Dolpa district who reached there to pick Yarsagumba without permission.

RUKUM, May 18:Yarshagumba, a fungus prized for its purported medicinal properties, is a huge attraction in the Himalayas. The ' Yarsha carnival' engages locals and traders from different parts of the hills and even India, as the precious herb fetches good money. And the urge to make the most of it has not spared even the elected local representatives.

MUGU, May 2: Around 200 burglars have illegally barged into flat terrains of Mugu village of Karmarong rural municipality to steal yarshagumba.